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Holiday travel can be a nightmare for families. Long lines at airports and train depots, congested traffic on road trips and let’s not even mention the stress of packing for your kids AND yourself!

My family needs to travel long distances to visit any family, as we live at least 9 hours by car from every member of our extended family. This means a lot of planning on our end! Whether we fly or drive, we always have a plan in place to try and make travel go as smooth as possible, especially during the crazy holidays!


We recently had two long distance drives to see family over the holidays, each about 9-10 hours long with our two kids. Thank goodness for things like new toys, endless supplies of snacks and comfortable seating for us all! We JUST moved my 15 month old out of his infant car seat (he’s a skinny little thing!) and into a Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat. We had finished our first long trip and vowed to get him into a convertible for the next trip because he just seemed to be so uncomfortable and unhappy in the infant seat for those longer periods. We stopped every hour or so to let him get out and run around, which made us all miserable when it took an extra few hours to complete the drive. Fast forrward to his new car seat…he is obviously so much more comfortable! This seat is the ultimate in car-riding comfort!

Safety1st SE65 Air Car Seat

We can thankfully keep him rear facing, thanks to a 40lb rear facing limit AND the easy 4-position recline feature

Safety1st SE65 Air Rear Facing

My son loves that it has a built in cup holder, so his sippy cup of milk or water (or in most cases a bunch of Cheerios) is never far away

Safety1st Cup HolderSwitching car seats has saved my sanity for our holiday travel, and now both of my boys are riding comfortably (and I’m much happier knowing that they’re so safe!)!

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Safety 1st has some great travel tips for making sure YOUR holiday travel is easier and stress free:

Avoid peak travel days –Try not to fly or drive the days immediately before and after the actual holiday.  Those are the busiest travel days. However, if you fly or take a train you might save money by traveling on the actual holiday, the roads are less congested too.

Prepare your child for the trip – Holiday parties can be overwhelming with sensory overload.  Especially for young children it’s good to talk about the upcoming trip days even weeks in advance.  This will help him or her get excited about the journey.  Show photos of family members or friends your child has not met yet, this way the new face might be a little familiar on arrival.

“Are we there yet?” – To help avoid that dreaded phrase an hour into your six hour trip reserve a bag just for the kids, include books, toys, diapers a change of clothes and snacks.  Pre-load a tablet or smartphone with kid friendly apps or games. If you are driving keep all necessary items such as wipes, hand sanitizer or tissues easy to reach in a second – there are times you may not want to be digging through the bottom of a bag for such items. The Safety 1st Car Door Sanitation Station is a great solution.

Car Seats – If you are flying check to make sure your car seat is FAA certified. If it’s not clearly labeled contact the manufacture. For parents with older children the Safety 1stBoostAPack can double as a kid survival kit, it’s FAA certified, and will fit in the plane overhead bin.
If you are driving make sure your car seat is installed correctly. If it’s been awhile since you visited a car seat check, it’s recommended to check your seat with a Certified Child Safety Technician in advance of your trip. is a great resource.

Prepare the guest room – If your child will be sleeping in a Play Yard during the trip, try using that for bed or nap time the entire week before. This will help him or her get used to a new sleep environment.  Also if your infant or child sleeps better in a dark room or tends to wake up early with the morning light, bring garbage bags or dark fabric to tape over windows.


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Safety1st SE65 Air Convertible Car Seat

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*We received this car seat to facilitate our feature, but all opinions are our own.