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Prepare Your Home To Prevent Newborn Sensory OverloadWe were walking around the mall when my oldest son was just a little baby, my husband and I beaming as new parents and proud to show off our child as we strolled around window shopping. I had a few items I needed to get while we were there, and when we passed the popular candles and soap store I turned in to stock up on our favorite soaps that we had run out of. Immediately my son switched a gear and he was screaming and my husband tried all the normal solutions to calm him down while I finished my shopping. Nothing was working, and so my husband signaled to me that he would take the baby out of the store and walk him around to try and soothe him. They got about 5 steps outside the store and my son stopped crying. Not even a whimper, he stopped. When I came out of the store, my husband told me what had happened and said “I think he was crying because of the smell in there!” Just to test that theory, we walked back over by the store and sure enough, the baby started screaming at the top of his lungs again. I was not surprised, the scent in that store is overwhelming but it never occurred to me just how much it would bother my new baby.

That day is forever burned into my memory. I wanted to be more careful around him, and when baby number two was expected to come any day, I made sure to rid our home of overpowering scents just in case. I only used mildly scented candles but they just didn’t work as well so we just stopped using them until he was older.

Babies can be affected by strong scents. Their senses are new and getting used to a sensory overload, so bringing harsh scents around them can overwhelm their new little noses. Prepare your home and even guests for when baby first comes home to be sure your little one is comfortable in their new environment.

  • Hold off on perfumes, colognes, lotions and harshly scented soaps those first few months, and if you worry, ask guests to tone down the perfumes as well.
  • Use unscented mild laundry detergent for all laundry. Even yours-baby touches and smells your clothing as much as their own, so don’t limit the milder detergent to just their laundry.
  • Don’t do any major changes around the house just before or right after baby’s homecoming. Painting and major home renovation introduce some harsh scents, and it’s best to do those months before baby comes home or months after.
  • When cooking more pungent foods, be sure to open windows or use the stove fan to minimize the smell build up in your home

If you are still looking to keep your home smelling fresh without overpowering your new little one (or the other sensitive noses in your home) you’re in luck! There are new products from Renuzit® brand on the market that are made even for sensitive noses!Renuzit Sensitive Scents Spray

The new Sensitive ScentsTM line from Renuzit brand are the perfect way to keep a pleasant smell in your home. Available in Adjustable Cones, Universal Scented Oils that fit many different brand warming units and Trigger Sprays, the new Sensitive Scents perform without overpowering. Each product was tested with sensitive noses to confirm they deliver a long-lasting and well balanced air freshener experience without overpowering.Renuzit Sensitive Scents PlugIn

I was able to test all three new scents in my home the last few weeks, and my oldest son (who still has a very sensitive nose thanks to being on the Autism Spectrum) LOVED the smell of the Pure Water Blossom & CucumberTM fragrance so much that he chose that for his bathroom. Renuzit Sensitive Scents ConeA bathroom used by all boys isn’t always the freshest smelling place despite mom’s never-ending clean up, but the subtle scent of our Sensitive Scent Renuzit cone has helped to keep that bathroom smelling fresh without feeling like you’re walking into a cloud of scent.

The new Renuzit Sensitive Scents air fresheners are available in stores now, check them out for yourself and keep your home smelling fresh without getting overwhelmed.