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With the popularity of formal dress rental companies, there is now one parents may benefit from. Mia Bella Babies is considered to be the ‘Netflix’ of baby clothes,’ where parents can actually rent their baby’s clothing for approximately 3 months at a time.

Anyone who has had a baby knows how fast they grow, their wardrobe is always changing and usually, for the younger babies, their clothing is hardly used and still in excellent condition once they outgrow it a couple weeks later. It always feels like a waste buying them something you know they will outgrow and not get your money’s worth. That’s why Mia Bella Babies was created. To help parents like us, save more. It also helps keep the closet more organized and up to present needs. Once your baby has out grown the current Mia Bella Babies package, no need to hassle with trying to sell, throw away or donate the clothing. Your return box of clothing will be going to another loving baby’s home and put to the same, good use.

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Not only is Mia Bella Babies helping parents, they are also trying to help the planet.

Did you know that more than 15 million tons of textiles waste is generated in the US yearly? Mia Bella Babies strives to help decrease that number. Once the clothing is beyond their use standards, it will be donated in several different manners, such as use for insulation purposes or donating to non-profits in need. They also send their packages out in plastic free, recycled cardboard and paper tape in an effort for all continue to play part in keeping our planet green.

Mia Bella Babies is striving to create a better world for ourselves and our children. So, every month, they will be donating a portion of their profits directly to child related causes. We all know there are many babies in the world in need of diapers, clothing, food, & medical attention. MBB business model strives to assist in this effort. They also will be donating the used clothing to children in need in developing countries.

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So how does Mia Bella Babies work?

It’s easy.

Boxes are shipped out every three months, but subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis, with options of either 15 or 30 -piece collections tailored to your baby’s changing sizes. There is also a $50 mandatory security deposit required for each package that’s refunded once clothing is returned in good shape. If the baby needs the clothes longer than 3 months, that’s not a problem – they just prorate the amount that they keep it for. Same goes the other way, if they need the next size up sooner- they will do the same on that end, too.

What’s the cost?


A 15-piece set will cost you $45/ month and a 30-piece set runs $80/month.


For a list of details and what’s exactly in your box, please visit: