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Breastfeeding is such a rewarding experience for both baby and mom, but it sure can come with a lot of complications! The number one complaint I have, as do most other breastfeeding moms is the soreness or tenderness especially in the beginning. There are tons of remedies I’ve heard of, but when I came upon the booth for Pariday at a Baby Expo and saw their TendHer Nursing Pillows I knew I found the perfect cure. I immediately picked up one of the pillows they had on display and just melted over how soft and cool they felt! Lucky for me, I’ve been able to use some at home now and can tell you first hand what a relief these are to have around when you begin to nurse (even for the second, third, fourth….time!).

TendHer Pillows are constructed using strong but highly flexible film which was carefully selected to be the most comfortable for a tender area during a tender time. The gel inside the pillows is made using only food ingredients.  There are no harmful chemicals, and it is totally safe for you and your baby!

The starter kit comes with the gel inserts and pouches for them to go into, along with instructions for use and care. You can use them with or without the pouches, heated, cooled or at room temperature for custom relief in seconds. I started using these when I was still pregnant but my breasts were so sore and starting to produce milk (this is my second baby and my body was ready to go!). I would go back and forth between heat and cool sensations depending on my ever-changing hormonal mood, but both brought so much needed relief!

I would simply heat them up under hot water or leave them in the refrigerator for a bit, then stick them into one of the pouches and then into my bra or tank! My favorite is just to slip the gel inserts straight into my bra or nursing tank at room temperature (I DO NOT recommend putting them against your skin when heated or cooled, please use the pouches for that). They are cool enough to provide instant relief without being too cold.

Using the TendHer Pillows with no pouch-room temp feels so nice!

TendHer Pillows are very thin and discreet, just like using nursing pads. You can’t see them through a nursing bra, although you can see them under a nursing tank if you aren’t wearing a bra. I only use them at home though, so that was never an issue.

The only downside I see to these is that because they are made with food ingredients without preservatives, the gel inserts do need to replaced as they start to dry up. The company recommends replacing every 4 weeks, but I have been using them much longer and they are still just as soft and comfortable as they were when I first got them.

I would consider these a must have on your nursing list to buy before baby. Take them to the hospital with you even! The relief they provide is immeasurable and well worth having around.

*I was provided a set of TendHer Pillows for review purposes but all opinions are my own.