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Easter eggs are a fun tradition my kids look forward to every year. We love to dye them together and then have what my family always called “egg fights” on Easter afternoon after our family dinner and egg hunt. Egg fights were something we all looked forward to when I was growing up and now my kids get anxious to have them as well-each person picks their dyed egg and picks a partner. You and your partner thrust the eggs at each other (still in hand) until they hit & the person whose egg is still intact wins that round. The winners all egg fight each other, and the winners of that round go on to fight as well. The whole family keeps going with the fights until there is only one winner left, and that person holds the winning egg title until the next year’s fights. 

Egg fights have now moved their way onto the next generation and we like to make special eggs each year for the fights. We still color basic eggs but each year we come up with fun ways to decorate our fight eggs, and this year we went with rainbow colored eggs-Here’s how we made them:

Start with hard boiled eggs. Want PERFECT hard boiled eggs? CLICK HERE for the recipe.
Dying Rainbow easter eggs

Next, grab 6 cups or bowls and add the coloring method of your choice in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. We used hot water and added gel food coloring to each cup.How to dye rainbow eggsStart by dipping your egg halfway into the yellow dye for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let the dye drip off and move over to the orange dye. Dip the egg into the orange dye over the yellow, but leave a bit of yellow dyed egg out (see photo #2 below). Let the dye drip and move on to dip just the tip of the egg into the red.DIRECTIONS TO DYE RAINBOW EGGSFlip the egg over and dip it into the green just to the yellow dyed portion. Drip off the dye and move onto the blue dye, dipping the egg in but leaving a portion of the green out of the dye. Drip off and move onto the purple dye, dipping just the tip of the egg into the purple.Rainbow Dyed EggsAnd there you have it-gorgeous rainbow colored eggs that you and your family can use for your own egg fights!