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If you’re a mom who loves the outdoors and has an infant this summer, we have the perfect product for you! We all know that newborns and infants under six months of age are not supposed to wear sunscreen, but it’s still important to provide SPF protection.



The Rain or Shine Kids UPF 45+ lightweight sun cover provides sun protection to your baby without exposing baby to harsh chemicals that can be found in sunscreen lotions. Tie this UPF 45+ lightweight cover on your baby’s stroller, infant carrier or infant car seat and provide all-day sun protection. A new bell shape allows for even wider coverage, and two sets of ties secure both top and bottom so it stays put. This is sun protection that will not wash out or wash off, keeping baby comfortable by blocking harmful UV rays without adding warmth. It’s also perfect for quick and easy protection for running errands or during short trips outdoors.

In bright white to reflect maximum sunlight and keep baby cool, the sun cover comes in five different trim colors: cloud pink, pistachio, turquoise, sun orange and chocolate. All color options and sun cover options can be found at Rain or Shine Kids.
Rain or Shine Kids makes outdoor products for babies and their active parents. Our protective covers, blankets and pouch work with all major models of infant carriers, car seats and strollers, and are designed to last for many years.  A true family-owned business, Rain or Shine Kids is located in Seattle, where new products are tested from the mountains to the beaches.
Rain or Shine Kids is having their huge annual sale this week! From June 11-17th, Rain or Shine Kids is offering discounts of up to 75 percent on their protective gear. Sun covers are 25 percent off, and last year’s model: just $10. Check out the sale here.
In addition to the big sale, Rain or Shine Kids has kindly offered a sun cover giveaway to one lucky reader! The giveaway winner will be able to select a sun cover in the color of their choice!

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