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PureGear Folio with Kickstand for iPad reviewI recently went through an iPads in Education course where I received an iPad to use in my class of 1st graders and I also have an iPad that I use at home, where I have a three year old. Since my iPads are used and around so many young children, I’ve been on the hunt for a case that’s protective and cute, yet thinner than the typical bulky protective cases. That’s why I was so excited to try out the PureGear iPad Folio Kickstand Case.

Go in style with our Folio with Kickstand.

  • Slim profile design that protects without the adding bulk
  • Convenient kickstand is great for viewing
  • Elegant microfiber inner material
  • Grip Support
  • Compatible with iPad 3/4 Gen


My favorite feature of the Folio Case is the two different levels you can prop the iPad up with the kickstand. One level is great for common use of the iPad, the other is great for viewing videos and movies! Check it out in action:

My 3 year old son has used this case time and time again. It’s withheld the test of being in a house with a young child and being in a classroom full of children! It has been dropped (closed case) at home and not the iPad has escaped undamaged. Since my iPad gets used by my 3 year old, I love the feature of the iPad automatically turning off when the case is closed.

The PureGear Folio Case became my “home” iPad case because I prefer it over the other iPad case I purchased (that cost twice the price!). It is sturdy, slim and holds up to the use of a young child. I recommend this case especially if you are someone who uses your iPad for movie watching in addition to your typical iPad use.

PureGear has a lot of great accessories for tons of devices and brands out there.

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I received the DualTek case to review, but all opinions are my own.