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I wish I had known about PureGear before. You see, I was one of those anti iPhone cover people. My new iPhone 5 was so slim and attractive that I couldn’t imagine putting an ugly case over it. Little did I know that PureGear’s DualTek case would have been the solution to my problem. Not having a case was probably one of the worse mistakes I could have made. A few weeks ago I was getting ready in my bathroom and somehow my phone fell out and onto our stone floors. It cracked my screen and now a hundred dollars later I am regretting it more than ever. It goes to show you that it could happen in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the first time I have dropped my iPhone. I swear that thing has been dropped so many times. One time it actually fell out right in front of the San Francisco Giant’s Stadium. It was gone, never to be found. However, karma must have liked me because the woman who found my phone called everyone I had recently talked to in hopes to find me and return my phone. It paid off and after the game I walked to her apartment across the street and retrieved my phone. It really put into perspective how much of our lives we have on our phones. I could have easily lost all my photos, videos, phone numbers, date book reminders within seconds, so it’s about time I start protecting my phone more.

If I could have designed a case with everything I have ever wanted, it would definitely be the DualTek case from Pure Gear!

“When bump, smack, strike, hit, whack, knock, bang unexpectedly come into play, DualTek provides the best in extreme shock protection.”

The features are impressive to say the least:

  • Shock Absorbing Corner Impact Protection controls shock by isolating vibration
  • Durable Layered Materials combine strength, toughness and flex
  • Slim & Sleek Design provides stylish impact protection without the added bulk
  • Ergonomic Grip designed for a secure yet comfortable grip of your phone
  • 360˚ Protection with added screen shield to protect against dings and scratches

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Our phone is our life, why are we not protecting it? PureGear’s DualTek® Extreme Shock Cases provides the best protection against bumps, smacks, and knocks.

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