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Making discoveries is the most fun and meaningful way for children to learn. Here’s a great activity for learning about mixing primary colors that’s hands on, mess free, and engaging for young children.

I always like to have books on hand when introducing a new concept. There are some great color books such as My Many Colored Days By: Eric Carle or Mouse Paint By: Ellen Stoll Walsh.

This activity is very easy to prepare. Here are the materials you need:

  • Red, yellow and blue paint
  • Ziplock bag
  • Spoon
  • Packing tape

Simply spoon some of each of the three primary colors in the ziplock bag, flat on a table. Zip the bag up with little to no air in it, then add tape to prevent any possible breaks. You can let your children squish the paint holding the bag in their hands or you can tape it to the table. Taping the bag to the table provides a different sensation, so sometimes it’s fun to do it both ways!

Cleaning up is the easiest part. All you have to do is throw the bag away! No paint on your child, the table or you!

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