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My inspiration for these super easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels was from Target, yes Target. If you have not seen the dollar section at Target it is a must.  I made these delicously wrapped chocolate covered pretzels for under $8!


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The Pretzels, goodie bags and Sprinkles I grabbed all at Target for just under $5. The Candy Melts were on sale for $2 at Michaels craft store. I happened to have the twine/jute rope to tie the bags but if you do not have any, Target also has some in the dollar section.

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Always check the end caps at Target. I scored these for $1.36 at 70% off! I figured I could use them to bedazzle the bags.


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Melt your chocolate on low heat, stirring constantly.


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Dip your pretzels in the chocolate while its nice and melted and place on wax paper.


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Add the heart shaped sprinkles as soon as you dip the pretzels in chocolate.  I recommend putting the pretzels on wax paper in the freezer or fridge for the fastest drying results.


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After 5-10 minutes in the fridge or freezer your pretzels are ready to package.


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I was able to fit 5 in a bag with enough room to twist and tie the tops. The straws I found in the clearance section were a perfect accessory for these little bags.