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In the next few weeks, I have a couple of really cool crafts I’ll be sharing that are made primarily from yarn. Yep, that’s right, yarn.

I’m not a knitter, crocheter or latch hook artist. In fact, I’ve never worked with yarn before I took these crafts on. You’ll be astounded when you see the awesome things you can do without one single knitting needle!

Both of these crafts (ok, I’ll tell you: one is a picture frame and one is a birthday photo banner, so stay tuned!) involved making pom poms from yarn. So I decided to do a separate tutorial on the poms for future reference.

What You’ll Need

  • Yarn (hint: experiment with different textures and sizes of yarn to get the look you want)
  • Scissors

How To Do It

  1. Take a really long piece of yarn (think two or three yards, even longer if you want a super fluffy pom) and wrap it around your fingers. For a smaller pom, wrap only around two fingers.

2. Carefully remove looped yarn from your hand and set down.

3. Tie another piece of yarn in a knot around the middle.

4. Cut loops and trim ends so pom looks even. For a super fluffy little pom, keep trimming ends down until they are only ½ inch to an inch long.

5. Fluff yarn strands out to form a ball.

It doesn’t get any easier than this! And the best part is, your pom poms can be used for anything: Add them to wrapped gifts instead of bows, embellish a wreath, make a “baby brooch” for a little girl’s dress, string them together to make garland … use your imagination! Look for my photo frame featuring these pom poms next week!