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Baseball season is finally here! My husband and I are huge fans of the game—our first conversation was a debate on the Chicago Cubs, and the rest was history. Needless to say, baseball will always be present in our hearts and home, and we hope our children enjoy the game as much as we do.

And while the kids are eating hot dogs and looking for foul balls, we hope to teach them a few valuable lessons we’ve learned from America’s favorite pastime.

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10 Life Lessons to Learn from Baseball

  1. Patience: To play baseball, you learn to wait for the pitch you want. If you rush it, you’re likely to strike out! Baseball rewards patience—if you wait for your pitch and don’t get it; you’re likely to be rewarded with a base on balls. Patience is a virtue we teach in our house, so I’m a big fan of a game that will teach it!
  2. Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Baseball teaches focus—the theory of keeping your eye on the ball will not only help your child perform better at the plate, but also how to focus in real life. Among other things, the ability to focus will help your child with school work and with setting and achieving goals.
  3. Sometimes You Gotta Get Dirty to Get Ahead: Go for it! Work hard, sweat, dive for a ball, slide into base—throw yourself into the game! My dad always talked to me about this when I was a kid. If you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty and get into the thick of your interests or projects, you likely won’t complete to the best of your ability.
  4. Hard Work and Practice = Improvement: Teach your child he/she can improve at anything with work hard and practice. Skills won’t get better without hard work.
  5. There is No “I” in Team: Working together is key, even if it means sacrificing yourself for the benefit of your team.Teach your child to not be upset if he’s asked to sacrifice bunt to advance a teammate ahead. Even though personal stats won’t show it, your child made a huge contribution to the team. Learning how to work as a team is a valuable lesson your child will carry throughout his life.
  6. You Win Some, You Lose Some: Baseball is a long season filled with many ups and downs. Your child will learn not to expect to win every time, and how to learn from mistakes to improve for the next game. This is also an opportunity to teach your child about how to win and lose graciously—nobody likes a sore loser or a bragger!
  7. Respect: Participating in baseball (or any sport) will be a lesson in learning respect for coaches, teammates and opposing players.
  8. Dedication and Commitment: The long season of baseball requires dedication and commitment. If your child sticks with it and sees it through the end, a sense of accomplishment will be achieved. Your child will find dedication and commitment will come into play in many areas of his or her life, from school to career and even marriage and family down the road.
  9. Making Friends: Being a part of a team gives your child a sense of belonging and an opportunity to make friends. My husband is still friends with some of the kids from his Little League team!
  10. Family Bonding Time: Baseball is a great way for your family to bond. Go outside with your kids and play a game of catch. Coach your child’s Little League team or better yet, take your kids to a ball game and bond over an all-American hot dog!

I hope you all enjoy the baseball season this summer—go Cubs!