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pkolino puzzle stacker problem solving without wrong answers


Toddlers and preschoolers love puzzles and problem solving, which is so important when it comes to fine motor and brain development. This is why I love P’kolino puzzles and puzzle stackers–they provide puzzle opportunities without wrong answers!

With chances to solve puzzles in multiple ways, your children won’t grow old or tired of the P’kolino Square Puzzle Stacker. So much more than your typical stacking toy, the puzzle stacker stacks and comes apart in multiple ways. Each of the 5 size stackable pieces actually comes apart into 2 pieces, allowing for stacking pieces together in multiple ways.

IMG_5376My son loves to take the puzzle completely apart and fit the pieces together in all sorts of ways! In fact, he does not like having the purple piece, biggest piece, on the bottom at all and usually stacks the puzzle with the yellow piece on the bottom and gets frustrated when anyone completes the puzzle in a different manner.

Here’s what P’kolino has to say about the puzzle stacker:

Wooden Stacker with Playful Benefits! 
Fine-tune motor skills, learn color and size recognition, and enhance spatial logic by interlocking any one puzzle piece to any other; in any order. There is no wrong answer!

So many times, children’s toys only have one way to solve them. This leaves children to think in a very literal sense where everything is right or wrong. In my years of teaching, I have seen so many children afraid to open ended answer or do projects because they’re afraid of getting things “wrong”. By investing and letting your child play with the P’kolino puzzle stackers or puzzles, you’re not only providing countless hours of fun, you’re also teaching your children that there are multiple ways to solve problems–to think outside the box.


My son loves the P’kolino stacker (almost as much as I do!) and has played with it time and time again since receiving it. I love that he rarely comes up with the same solution. How many times in life are we faced with problems where we need to be able to problem solve? With P’kolino puzzles, you’re giving your child the foundation to be great problem solves at the same time they are building their fine motor skills!

IMG_5380We own other P’kolino puzzles that aren’t stacking toys and I suggest you take time to check those puzzles out as well: P’kolino Playfully Smart Children Puzzles. Our favorite of these is the Spaceship puzzle.

You can purchase any of the P’kolino toys right on their website. Find them and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram!

I received the P’kolino Square Puzzle Stacker to review, but all opinions are my own.