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I recently had the opportunity to sample a few products from Pinhole Press, an online boutique for beautiful personalized photo gifts. Pinhole press provides photo books, memory cards, calendars, decals and more. I am a photographer and always looking for creative gifts for clients and family gifts.

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It was hard to decide on products to test out, they are all fabulous! I chose a few that I knew my children would really enjoy. My daughter is a Memory game fanatic, she is obsessed with that game and so when I noticed Pinhole Press has a Memory game you can create with your photos and customize, I was all over it.

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Memory is great because anyone can play, even small children and it is so much fun for them to see their own pictures featured in the game.

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We added photos of the entire family making the game so much fun. The quality of the cards is outstanding and they are made with an eggshell finish which really came out great! These are also great for learning with small children. As you can tell, someone is excited!

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Pinhole Press offers also offers these Mini Storybooks of Names & Faces, they are great! This was so perfect for us because my two year old was starting daycare and I knew he would be very nervous. It was very comforting for my son to have a book with all of our family’s names and pictures inside.

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I had so much fun designing these and picking out the pictures for each person. The site was very user friendly and easy to upload the photos and drag onto the pages. You also get to customize each page with a name, color and photo. I would recommend this for a child of any age, it is a great way to learn.

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The pages are also very thick and durable from bending. I have not water  tested the book so I am unsure of how it will hold up if wet but the material is very strong.

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My son takes his book to school with him everyday. We had a few mothers ask us where it was from. I just love these little books!

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The last item we made was a puzzle. The prints came out great for this. A few times my daughter had some trouble pressing in the pieces together but after a few times they fit right in. I think they needed to be broken in since they were new. I love the glossy look to these and how they come in an adorable matching box with the picture on the front. This is great because if you had more than one you can take a look at the box to see the pictures and design you have.

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The puzzle was definitely my daughters favorite. These would make perfect gifts for any family member as well as stocking suffers for children. Pinhole Press offers a wide variety of options, these are just a few. The shipping is also very fast, I received my order the same week. Every item is also packaged very well to make sure there is no damage. I am excited to order this years Christmas gifts through Pinhole Press, they are great!

Check out Pinhole press for your favorite gifts and creations. The price is perfect and the delivery is outstanding!


*I received these items for  review, all thoughts are my own.