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Development of fine motor skills comes in various ways. It’s great to let your children explore art materials, play in sand, and manipulate items such as Legos, lacing beads and puzzles. This putty activity is great for fine motor skill development. Not only that, it is the perfect compact, quiet, engaging activity to take with you on-the-go. We take it to restaurants for quiet entertainment–perfect for a toddler or preschooler!

Pinch, pull, putty is something you create for your child yourself. It involves small parts to enhance fine motor skills, so it should only be used under close adult supervision.


The putty doesn’t mold easily and bend like play dough or clay does. It is very stiff. I basically fold the items into the putty and close it back in the container, allowing the small items to get stuck in the putty. Then your child uses their fingers to pull out the small items. Even older children think it is fun to try to find all the items!

To add another level of learning to this activity, try hiding beads to spell your child’s name in the putty. They can find the letters and spell their name on the table!