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Ahhh, birthday banners. They are everywhere these days! From the time I saw Simply Real Mom Marcie’s first birthday banner for her son Reece, I knew I was going to do one for my daughter (who was two months old at the time).

I researched the banners on Pinterest and had way too much fun in the scrapbooking section at my local craft store before I finally figured out how I was going to create my masterpiece!

There are a ton of ways to create a photo banner—different themes, sizes, layouts, etc. I decided to make two rows of horizontal photos and hang them by a ribbon above the fireplace.

Below is a short tutorial on how I did it. When you make your own photo banner, consider the following:

• Where will you be hanging it?

• Will you be using all vertical photos, all horizontal photos or a combination of both?

• Does your party have a theme you want to follow (ladybugs, fish, Elmo, etc)?

• Do you have good photos of you child from each month of his/her first year?

Answering these questions will help you create a banner that’s perfect for your child’s first birthday party!

Supplies Needed

• photos (newborn – one year old)

• double-sided tape

• scrapbooking paper and cardstock in different colors

• hole punch

• decorative punch

• yarn pom poms

• scissors

• ribbon

How to Make It


  1. Choose a piece of card stock (I bought a pack of pastels to match my scrapbooking paper) and a coordinating piece of scrapbooking paper. Cut out scrapbooking paper so it is slightly smaller than cardstock and slightly larger than photo to form a border.
  2. Use double-sided tape to secure papers and photo together.
  3. Print out labels on white paper (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc.). Trace a small circle around text (I used a small flashlight to get a perfect circle) and cut out with scissors.
  4. Using decorative punch, make a flower shape with coordination scrapbook paper.
  5. Tape small circle with text to flower shape, then tape to photo.
  6. Punch two holes at the top of the photo.
  7. Repeat with all months, then string photos together with thin piece of ribbon.
  8. Hang like bunting across fireplace mantel. Add yarn pom poms to corners as added decoration. See how to make them here.

When the party is over, you will have a beautiful keepsake of your child’s first year!