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Have you checked out PBSKids digital series OH NOAH! yet? If not, you’re missing out on an adorable series about a boy named Noah who is staying with his grandma in a community where almost no one else speaks English. He works on learning Spanish and making new friends, and theres lots of fun and giggles to be had. Misunderstandings land him in wacky predicaments, but he always manages to rebound and cheerfully learn from his mistakes.

Oh Noah on PBSKids

The series just launched new videos and games that help to promote bilingual learning!

In “Making a Splash,” a new 11-minute video, Brisa invites Noah and Nell to go swimming on a sweltering day. Noah is hesitant because he can’t swim. With Nell’s encouragement, Noah decides to get swimming lessons, but because of a misunderstanding, Noah ends up performing tricks with a waterskiing team instead.


There’s even an interactive “Games in Video” version of the “Making a Splash” video that includes embedded language-learning mini-games! How cool is that?

“Lost and Found,” is a new immersive language-learning game: Players join Noah and Nell on an interactive scavenger hunt. Players seek help from friends and neighbors to decipher Spanish words and locate missing objects, and encounter a series of fun mini-games along the way.


My 5 year old son just adores Noah and we usually hear fits of laughter when he is watching one of the OH NOAH! videos! He is slowly picking up Spanish words as he watches and plays the fun and educational games on the site.

OH NOAH! is mobile-friendly and accessible through smartphones and tablets. Check it out for yourself today!