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It’s not every day that I get overly excited about phone apps, especially when it has to do with children. But after learning about PBS Kid’s brand new Super Vision app I found myself excited to the point I couldn’t stop talking about it. This is the first app of its kind that I have ever seen.

Have you ever wondered what your kids are playing, watching online when you aren’t there? We take computer play for the kids very seriously and only allow them to play on certain websites, websites like PBS Kids due to its educational value. Whether they are playing a game or watching a show, I know that they are learning. The kids are limited to how long they are on the computer for and it makes me nervous when I am away from them and they are with their grandparents. Sometimes I wish I could be there to see what they are doing, what they are watching, and how long they’ve been on the computer for. With the new, free app from PBS Kids parents can access conveniently from their iPhones anytime, anywhere, to see what their kids are watching, playing and learning on, and help them make the most of their children’s PBS KIDS screen time.

Designed specifically for parents, the PBS KIDS Super Vision™ app helps you monitor and make the most of what your child is learning and playing on

By entering a simple code in the app, you’ll connect your mobile device to start monitoring and receiving real-time information about what your child is playing, watching, and learning on This app also provides off-screen activity ideas that are related to your child’s interests to help build key skills.

Other tools offered within the app that help to maximize your child’s learning experience include:

  • Setting a Play Timer to help your child transition from playing online to another activity
  • Receiving an Activity Summary to view the top educational skills, shows, videos and games your child used on
  • Accessing more PBS KIDS educational mobile apps

Want to see it in action?

There are so many benefits to this app. Not only will it help monitor what your child is playing, but it can help in engaging conversation with your child.  For example: Let’s say that you were at work all day and your child’s sitter allowed them to play on while you were away. During dinner you could engage in conversation about a lesson they may have learned during an episode on Curious George. See, not only does this app tell you what your child is watching, it also will tell you the episode they are watching as well as a description. Or you notice a new liking to a character that they hadn’t shown interest in before. You could ask them about the character which may get them excited and open up about what they learned.


This app isn’t just about monitoring your child. It is a monitoring tool that will truly allow you to engage and connect with your child by showing you what they like and what they are learning. The PBS Kids Super Vision app will mean peace of mind for parents, while their kids build key skills in the safe and educational environment that provides. The app works anytime, anywhere – the connection doesn’t require physical proximity – making it easy for the busy parents to check in on their kids’ online activity while they are on the go.

As of right now the Super Vision app is only available to iPhone users but they are working on an Android app.


Disclosure: We are a PBS Kids VIP blogger and learned about this amazing app at the PBS Annual Meeting. All opinions are my own.

I am a PBS Kids VIP blogger
I am a PBS Kids VIP bloggerv