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What To Pack When Traveling Internationally

I’d like to say that I have gotten used to long trips out of the country with my children. It is something we enjoy doing, experiencing other cultures and lifestyles.

During our travels we have learned what we should leave at home and things we should bring to make our travels a lot easier on our children and ourselves.

Here are our recommendations on items to pack when traveling internationally.

1. Headphone Splitter- Headphone splitters come to the rescue is you have a movie or music on one tablet or device. They are really cheap to purchase and we use them all the time on flights.

2. Neck Pillow- A good neck pillow is a necessity when sleeping on the plane. One of our favorite kids travel pillows is the BubbleBum Sneck ( This comfy travel pillow’s micro-bead filled pillow pods and cozy material allow your child to sleep in total comfort, while providing head and neck support.

3. Pack a Carry-on Bag- Even if you checked all your luggage it’s smart to bring a carry-on for any of your necessities like a chnage of clothing, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste etc. You’ll want to freshen up on the plane after several hours, and worst case, if the flight loses your luggage, you’ll still have items you need.

4. Portable Charger- Not all planes are updated with an outlet to charge your devices. Be sure you get a battery pack  with at least 10,000 mAh, so it will be sufficient enough to charge larger devices like tablets.

5. Snacks- This may seem obvious, but it’ll beat spending $5 or more per snack on the flight.

6. New Toy- This is something I am always telling parents. Head to the store before the trip and buy a new toy. Something cheap, but one that the kids have never seen before. Pack it in a backpack or carry-on and surprise the kids once they get antsy on the flight. It will usually keep them happy for a couple hours since it’s a brand new toy.

7. Dramamine- I usually keep this on me in case I get motion sickness. They also make it in kid form. Better safe than sorry, especially if you hit unexpected turbulence.

8. Red Eye Flight- While this isn’t something to pack, it can be very important. Depending on where you are going, take into consideration the time you leave and arrive at your destination. We always found that red eye flights are always the way to go for our family. The kids sleep most of the flight and it leaves less time for them to be bored on the flight.

9. Extra Layer of Clothing- Airplanes can get cold, especially at night. Even if you are flying to tropical paradise, pack a sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks for the whole family.

10. Multiple Passport Holder- I recommend having a multiple passport holder to keep all important documents in one location. It’ll help make the process a lot quicker. Here’s an affordable one for up to 4 passports:

11. Pens- This is so important to have on you when it’s time to fill out Customs papers. Many flight attendants don’t have one on them or are already lending theirs out.

Do you have any items to add? What helps your family?