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If you have never shopped on Cyber Monday it’s a must, especially for moms! Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Thanksgiving and is equivalent to Black Friday, only online.  Thousands of Online retailers offer sales and discounts for the Holiday’s that can only be found online. I have personally shopped Cyber Monday every year since entering motherhood and here are a few of my tips.


1.     Wake up early! Most deals start early and many sites have daily deals on the hour. Grab that cup of coffee, stay in your PJ’s and bust out that laptop!

2.     Make a list of everything you are looking for and everyone you are shopping to purchase gifts for. This way if you come across a great deal you can check your list to see if you have someone to buy it for.

3.     Have a budget set! One of my biggest issues when shopping online is it is so easy to overspend. It takes a click on the mouse and its yours, so to helps to really try to keep track of what you are spending.

4.     Coupon codes! Never forget to look for coupons. Even if you run across an amazing sale, you can often stack that with a coupon for an even better deal.

5.     Free shipping! Shipping for me is a deal breaker 99% of the time. I do not want to spend more on shipping than the cost of my actual product. Also, check for “ship to store” options. This can be really helpful and also save you a ton of money in unnecessary shipping fees.

6.     Shop with a Credit Card. No, not so you can go crazy, but so that if you have any problems with any sites or returns you can easily call your credit card company to dispute and you are not out of the cash you may of needed for other things. Also, many credit cards give you rewards. Makes sense to put your purchases on your credit card and just transfer the funds so that you can get that extra cash back. Every bit helps.

7.     Have fun! One of the main reasons I love Cyber Monday is it allows me to stay at home with my kids in my pajamas and lay on the couch with my laptop. I am not too thrilled with the idea of squeezing through crowds of people, though it can be a thrill. My recommendation is grab a cup of coffee, put on a fire, maybe even a movie; “The Elf “is my favorite and let the deals come to you!