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If I could describe paradise, the Omni Hotel and Villas in Cancun, Mexico would be it. This recently renovated, all-inclusive resort is everything you would imagine a five-star hotel would be and more.

Omni Hotel and Villas, Cancun

My husband and I recently stayed at the Omni Hotel and Villas to celebrate our six year anniversary and I couldn’t imagine celebrating it anywhere else but here. From the moment we stepped foot onto the resort a sense of tranquility overcame us. The friendly staff awaited our arrival and helped escort us to our luxurious room.

The Omni Hotel and Villas put us in an Executive Suite overlooking the ocean. The room was incredibly spacious and our view was breathtaking. The picture above is the view from our balcony.

Omni Hotel and Villas Rooms

All Cancun accommodations feature dazzling tropical views of  the ocean, lagoon, or garden area of the resort.  Open your windows to let the tropical breezes soothe your senses.  Once you’ve arrived, the only thing you need to worry about is treasuring every moment in this beautiful resort.

Here is a quick video I took of our room and our view from the balcony.

Once we were settled we headed out to see all the resort offered. All I can say is, wow. We have never been this impressed with a resort before. In fact, we didn’t want to leave.

The Omni Hotel and Villas offers three cascading resort pools with ocean views. One of them being a pool with an awesome fountain dedicated just for children.

If you are looking for activities to do for yourself or for your children, they have a list of daily activities posted right outside the back doors. There’s also an area near the towels where you can rent jet skies, sign up for snorkeling and so much more.

If you want to relax while taking in the views, the resort has a beachfront jacuzzi bar called KuKus Jacuzzi Beach Bar. Perfect place where you can wind down, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. If you prefer to stay dry, you’ll be happy to know that the bar is split into two sections and the seats on the other half are made of swings. Talk about a fun experience for those 18 years old and up.

Omni Hotel, Jacuzzi Bar

After a few drinks and a stroll around the resort, it was time for lunch. We headed to the Sushi Bar located on the resort for a few bites before we headed out to explore some more. We tried some familiar, and not so familiar rolls. The fish was incredibly fresh and the rolls couldn’t have been more appetizing. Our favorite had to have been the plantain rolls. I love that they made this dish perfectly themed for its location.


We didn’t get very far after sushi as we glanced over at the Pina Colada restaurant nearby. We couldn’t help but noticed the interesting dishes and just had to stop by for another quick bite.

The wait staff at Pina Colada were unbelievably nice. My husband and I ordered some ceviche and an order of mussels. When our server found out were were going to be sharing both dishes, he threw in some jumbo shrimp for us. There really are no words to describe how amazing those dishes were, something you will just have to try out for yourself.

Seafood, Omni Villas

Another amazing thing about the restaurant is that it is located beachfront, overlooking the tranquil sea. In fact, the floor of the section we were eating at was made of sand. So fun!

Beer at Omni

After Pina Colada we stopped for a quick picture op before heading down to the beach. Check out my new friend— or should I say Amigo— outside of the Viva Mexico restaurant.

Omni Hotel, cancun

The Omni Hotel and Villas is just steps away from paradise. The Caribbean Sea is more beautiful than I ever imagined. Being from Northern California we don’t get to see the ocean like this. In fact, our water is freezing. So being able to walk barefooted on the silky sand and taking a dip into the sea, is what truly makes this the best getaway one could take.

Carribean Sea, Cancun

Sometimes pictures just don’t capture how truly breathtaking your surroundings are so I decided to do something a little different and record my exact views. Take in the sound of the ocean and that picturesque view. It really doesn’t get better than this.

We relaxed for a while,  soaking in the phenomenal view, before heading back to our room to get ready for the evening. After a quick change, we headed back outside for a drink. That led us to a really fun bar called the Pool Grill and Bar. Not only does this bar have access from the pool (yes, a really cool swim-up section), but they also have karaoke during certain times. Luckily for us, it was when we were getting drinks.

As we were enjoying our drinks, we noticed there were tables being set up outside near the pool. After asking our bartender we learned they were setting up for a market. Once the sun went down, the market was open for us to wander around and browse all the wonderful items locals were selling. One local in particular was selling his incredible art work. All his art work was painted by his finger and I got to watch him in action. I seriously have never been that in awe before as I watched him paint his masterpieces so quickly and effortlessly. I wanted to buy all of them as he was selling them for $10 each or two for $15. I ended up buying my parents one of his paintings as this is truly “one-of-a-kind.”

market at Omni

After shopping a bit, it was time to head to La Paloma for dinner. This buffet styled restaurant serves meals three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The theme for our dinner was Mexican and it was delicious and very filling. During dinner we made friends with our waiter who surprised us with a special dessert— a flaming cheesecake!

Flaming Cheesecake

He knew we were celebrating our anniversary and wanted to make our night that much more special. He definitely did the job as everyone dining turned to see this amazing dessert being created right before our eyes. Our waiter told us that they can do these special desserts for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion you want to celebrate.

Once I found out what he would be doing, I quickly grabbed my camera to record this fiery show in action.

After our intimate dinner experience we headed to the theater to watch a Mexican performance. Each night the resort offers an exciting show which is usually held outside. However due to a bit of rain we had earlier in the evening, they moved the show inside. I love watching performances and was extremely excited to watch an authentic Mexican performance. This was the icing on the cake and really made our trip to Cancun complete.

Mexican Performance

After several traditional dances and costume changes, the dance performance ended, but the show wasn’t officially over just yet. Once the performers left the stage the DJ came up and asked for 4 men volunteers, one whom happened to be my husband. They had all the four men copy a hilarious dance move and the audience got to judge whose dance moves they liked more. From four men they narrowed it down to two, and yes, my husband was in that top two! From there some more dancing happened as well as judging and wouldn’t you know… my husband won! I have never laughed so much in my life. Because he won, the resort gave him a bottle of tequila we got to take home with us.

Dance, omni

The next morning we headed back to La Paloma for breakfast. They had everything one could ever hope for at a breakfast buffet — complete with a “make your own mimosa” bar! Seriously the most genius thing I have ever seen!

Mimosa Bar

After breakfast we packed up our bags and headed back to the airport. Our 24 hour experience was not enough time to experience everything the Omni Hotel and Villas has to offer and we will definitely be back.


*Thanks to Omni Hotel and Villas for covering our stay. All opinions are my own