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The Obol has to be the most genius bowl I have ever seen and used. It has become both my kids favorite bowl to eat out of. I am not sure about you but in our house we are not a fan of soggy cereal. The Obol literally eliminates soggy cereal so you can enjoy cereal the way you like it. Originally we used the Obol just for our cereal, but as the weeks went on we realized the Obol was more than a cereal bowl, it is the PERFECT bowl for so many other foods! Our favorite has been using our bowl for chips and salsa but the options are truly endless.


The Obol is more than just a bowl. Most cereal bowls are not designed to be held. They are slippery, awkward and not designed for the hand. They have no grip area. The Obol took two years to design and really fits perfectly and comfortable into your hand. In fact, the Obol is so unique, it has been issued a US patent. It is the perfect size, easy to hold, easy to clean and will not break. It is so easy, all you do is Swoop n Scoop®.

Not only do we find the Obol genius, but we love supporting businesses that support the country they live in! The Obol is designed and manufactured in the United States, where rent and labor are more expensive. They believe it is important to help keep jobs where they live with their family and friends.

We know you will love the Obol just as much as we do and get many, many uses out of it. Oh, and your kids will love it too, so don’t forget to share it! You can order yours at:

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