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Dear Nordstrom,

Thank you so much for capturing the essence of what it’s like to be a mom. These TopShop Clear Knee Mom Jeans are exactly what I need every day to fully embark on my daily duties as a mom, especially for a great price of $95. What I love most about these jeans are in fact not the jeans itself, but it’s the image you featured of what a mom really does on a daily basis. It’s like you came into my house and snapped that photo of me on my knees looking terribly unhappy. My kids are always making a mess so I find myself on my knees daily scrubbing the floor, often referring to myself as Cinderella. I can now see if my floors are really clean by sliding back and forth on my knees and seeing if the clear knee gets dirty. If it does, I haven’t done my job correctly. But how did you know to sell these jeans? Did you do a survey from all your mom shoppers asking them if they could have one outfit, what would it be? Did you set up cameras in our homes so you knew exactly what we were doing daily? It’s a little scary to me how you captured us exactly.

Mom Jeans clear knee

If I were you, I would give your Buyer at Nordstrom the biggest raise for finding such a unique brand and design. I mean, they really hit the nail on the head with that one. I don’t know what I would be doing if you hadn’t introduced the world to these jeans. I’d probably be sitting on my butt, eating bon-bons and watching reality TV, forgetting that my job as a mom is to dress in embarrassing clothing, and clean the entire house while on my knees.

Clear Knee Mom Jeans

My only complaint about the model in these mom jeans is this… are you sure she is a mom? I haven’t seen the stretch marks through the clear plastic knees nor have I seen her barefoot while she is scrubbing. I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty much offensive that she is wearing shoes while cleaning the house. What good mother does that? I am also pretty sure she brushed her hair that morning. All mom’s know that that just doesn’t happen. Other than that, I just can’t wait for these Clear Knee Mom Jeans to arrive to my house. So from all of us moms, thank you so much Nordstrom for selling these!

Maybe you can sell a shirt next that has spit up already on it. That way I can feel like I have my child with me, even when I don’t. I would love to start seeing more things like that so I can finally get the wardrobe I so deserve.


One Happy Mom

PS: The reviews on your jeans really confirmed all my thoughts and pushed me to get these jeans!

A Bombdity

The awesomeness of these jeans can not be confined to mere words on a page. Where else can I see my knees while wearing pants? I have amazing knees and always get compliments. Sometimes it’s too cold for shorts and these are perfect. Where have see through jeans been all my life?

Love at First Knees

These jeans seriously make my knees look so good. It’s like a window to my knees. I just hope they wash well. Haven’t washed them yet but I will post an update once they hit the cycle.

Perfectly Aimed

My child spits up a lot, so these are perfect. I’m working on my response timing so I can aim the projectile stream to that area just below fingertip length to “just below the knee.” Thanks, Nordstroms, for listening to your loyal customers and delivering in style!

Perfect for Slip N Slide

I’m modest and I hate to wear a swimsuit in public, so when my kids insisted that I play with them in the front yard on the slip and slide, I threw these on and I was sliding in style!

Mom Jean