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I love getting together with my mom friends for play dates. It’s a time that not only do my kids get to be social and have fun but I get to have adult interaction as well. We meet up at one of our houses and the kids go wild playing with every toy in the house and the moms drink coffee while we catch up on each other’s lives. It’s always refreshing to be with others who understand my struggles and to give my kids a chance to play with someone other than their siblings.

The coffee situation ends up with everyone stopping to grab a cup of their favorite coffee drink before they head to the playdate but I can’t wait for our next get together at my house to show off my new Ninja Coffee Bar® Systemninja-coffee-bar

This thing is the end of my coffee house stops. No longer do I need to wait in the drive thru-I can make them at home and they taste just as good (actually better)!

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System can brew anything from a single specialty drink to a travel mug, an iced coffee to an entire pot for a crowd. I can brew a pot of coffee for the friends who prefer just cream/sugar and then anyone who likes a specialty coffee can customize their own! We can even use the hot/cold frother to froth up some hot chocolate or chocolate milk for the kiddos…my son’s favorite feature.

My favorite drinks are a caramel macchiato or a white mocha and making them at home is simple with the Ninja Coffee Bar® System.

For the caramel macchiato, I heat up about a cup to a cup and a half of milk and add a pump of vanilla syrup to the milk. Then, I use the frother for a little foam (I LOVE foam on my hot coffee drinks)ninja-coffee-bar-milk-frotherI place the mug under the coffee drip and use the “specialty” brew, which is like an espresso brewninja-coffee-bar-specialty-brewAs it brews, the milk stays at the bottom and the coffee stays at the top and we add a little drizzle of made one for a friend and her eyes lit up as she took her first sip. “Time for a new coffee maker at my house!”

I love to brew an iced white mocha in the afternoons to get me through school pickup. I fill the (INCLUDED!) travel cup with ice and brew with the “over ice” brew on the travel mug setting brews the coffee to compensate for any ice melt that may occur so you don’t end up with watery coffee. I then add 1-2 tablespoons of powdered real white chocolate and stir until combined well and top it off with cold milk. This is my go-to afternoon drink!

I am so impressed with the new Ninja Coffee Bar® System. I don’t usually like to be so overly complimentary but I am just so pleased. We had a pod brewing machine before this and I don’t even miss the convenience of the pods because the variety coffee drinks we can enjoy is just so much better AND cost way less than the coffee house or the pods.

The next playdate I host will sure be a good one with custom coffee drinks for each mom, and we want YOUR playdates to be just as great-

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