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I had some really bizarre toys when I was a kid. I don’t just mean they were funny looking either. Their concepts were questionable entirely!

Remember things like Balzac? It was just a ball, right? (A really hideous ball.) But I NEEDED one sooo badly as a kid that I may have actually cried. Then there were Moon Shoes, which according to my mother looked rickety and unsafe. Did that stop me from wanting them? Heck no!

There were some toys however, which didn’t even seem like toys. In fact, they didn’t really seem to serve any purpose at all but kids still had to have them. One of these products was Nickelodeon Gak. The main purpose of Gak? To gross out your mom and make fart sounds.


Now all the parental torture is coming back to bite us in the rear because Nickelodeon says, “Gak Is Back!

Aaaah, the sweet, sweet memories! On the new website, you can even order Gak in large quantities for the demanding Gak-connoisseur (Gakisseur?) in your life. They’ll even throw in a free tub of Floam, which if I remember correctly was vastly more useful yet still had a strange odor…

So run, don’t walk! Go grab your kid some Gak today – or get some and say its for your kid, so you can relive your childhood with squashy fart sounds. I won’t tell!