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This past weekend, I was thrilled to attend New York Comic Con 2012! Comic Con–the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Comic Con is a weekend long event that attracted a massive crowd of people from all walks of life, from people with high-tech costumes and die hard Walking Dead fans to families with infants and children. After the initial shock of the sheer number of people packed into the Javits Convention Center and pouring out onto the streets of NYC, I quickly began to enjoy panels, meeting entertainment guests and waiting in line for special events (which gave me a chance to meet a variety of people!).

New York Comic Con is a chance to get all your geek needs met in one, fantastic, weekend. From comics and graphic novels, to movies and television, there’s something for everyone at Comic Con. You might be thinking to yourself, This doesn’t sound like an event I would take my children to. But there are countless events for children and adults–in fact, Sunday was Kids Day!

In case you’re planning on attending next year’s New York Comic Con, which is October 10-13, here are tips from a mom who has been there already!

Tips for attending NYCC with kids:

  • For younger children, wear them in carriers.
  • Be prepared to stand in lines- bring books or games.
  • Don’t rely on cell phones to keep in touch. Make meeting points and times.
  • Leave strollers at home. It is very crowded and they will just get in the way!
  • Stay in a hotel nearby so you can go back whenever you need a break.

Here were some of the highlights from the weekend:


If you go to Comic Con for only one thing, go to check out the costumes. They are nothing short of amazing! There were costumes that lit up, people who dressed in group costumes, and so much more. People really took the time to make their costumes 100%, from their head (or higher!) to their toes. Check out some of the neatest costumes I saw.

The Panels, Q&As and Special Events

The panel events were a major highlight during Comic Con. People waited in line for hours for the major events (such as the Walking Dead and Firefly events). Guests spoke, took questions and offered sneak peeks to upcoming events for their shows. My favorite events from the weekend were the MAD Magazine panel and the Firefly event.

Firefly is getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and celebrated by showing a sneak peek of an upcoming celebration on November 11, 2012 on the Science Channel. If you’re a Browncoat, you don’t want to miss it! If enough people Tweet #fireflynov11, they’ve promised to show more sneak peeks!


The special guests at Comic Con vary from Star Wars and Harry Potter actors to characters from Doctor Who and Batman. But if you want to get their autographs or pictures, be ready to pay! Autographs range from $25-$125 per guest! The lines for some guests stretched on and on. Your best bet is to get to Comic Con early and get autographs before venturing off to do anything else.

Did you miss New York Comic Con this year? Don’t worry! They’re already are plans in the works for next year’s Comic Con events in NYC. Save the date: October 10-13!