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It’s a new year and a great time to make resolutions for the entire family. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in resolutions such as losing weight or saving money. But resolutions to build up your family are just as important, if not more so! Read on for some family resolutions ideas that will help everyone become closer as a family.

Family Night

Plan a family night once a week. If your family is especially busy and hard to get together once a week, stretch it to once every other week or once a month. Take turns deciding what to do. The key is to make it a priority. Set the date and stick to it!

Here are some ideas for family night:

  • Play games
  • Make pizza together
  • Have a movie night
  • Play putt putt
  • Camp out in the living room

Keep it Positive 

Every week, have every person write down something positive that happened that week. Place everything you write down in a jar. At the holiday season next year, pull out positive memories to read every night at dinner. It will be a great chance to remember some of the big and small things that happened throughout the year.

Volunteer Together

Communities are full of opportunities to volunteer. Find an organization your family enjoys and volunteer at the organization throughout the year. My children love the Humane Society. They get to play with the cats, take the dogs for walks and even give them baths. Soup kitchens, libraries and cleaning parks are other kid friendly options.


Give everyone in your family a garbage bag or box to fill with items to donate. This will give your family a chance to eliminate unused items and pay it forward to others.

Eat Together

Make it a point to eat dinner together at the table at least once a week. Even with the busiest of schedules with work, extra curricular activities and more, this is a great resolution! Make sure that this family dinner time is an electronic free time. Turn off the TV and no cell phones or games at the table!

Get Outside

Even in the winter, it’s so fun and important to get outside together as a family. Even those of us who don’t really like playing in the cold (a.k.a.-me!) can find activities in the winter to do. I love going snow tubing with my kids! In the summer, it’s much easier to find things to do outside. Even a simple trip to the playground or walk on a nature trail can be a great time together for the family.

Turn off electronics

Daily, try spend 30 minutes together, as a family, without interruptions. This might be harder than you think! But the time devoted to catching up from the day will be great for everyone. You might even find that it’s a breather after a long day to shut everything down and be with your loved ones.

Have you set any New Year’s Resolutions with your family?