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My son is a video game fiend, much like many modern kids today but he comes by it naturally. My husband is the ultimate video game nerd and he and our son could spend hours playing together. I know deep down that having a son that shares the excitement and love for technology that he has is a dream come true for my husband.

We have owned pretty much every gaming console available and each one has it’s own perks. My husband was excited to recently surprise our son with the new Nintendo 3DS XL they could share and oh boy was it amazing!

After using the original Nintendo DS and the previous 3DS, the new 3DS XL has impressed my husband and son alike.

The most notable uprade on the new 3DS XL is the built in Amiibo!!nintendo-3ds-amiiboAmiibo is a way to bring Nintendo’s characters to life. You collect your favorite character figurines and place them on an amiibo compatible device while playing an amiibo compatible game and that character enters the game! Amiibo characters can unlock special bonus items or adventures and you can customize your characters as well. With the new 3DS XL, you don’t need an extra device to use amiibo characters-it’s built into the bottom screen!

Nintendo has also upgraded their 3D technology. It has what they call “face-tracking” 3D, so that no matter the angle you hold the 3DS XL while playing, your 3D experience is still just as great.

The new C Stick and top ZL and ZR buttons make the possibilities endless for gaming, browsing and camera function.playing-mario-party-3ds

My son loves that he can transfer his fun photos from the 3DS XL to the computer and my husband loves that he can transfer music from the computer to the 3DS XL all wirelessly! There is still a microSD slot but you don’t need to transfer using the card now that you can wirelessly connect.

The new 3DS XL has been a hit in our house and my husband feels like a kid again playing some of his favorite games with our son. The two of them are just two of a kind and they love bonding over the games together.

The new 3DS XL is available now in Red, Black and my new must have-GALAXY!newn3dsxl_galaxyIsn’t it gorgeous?! We have the red right now, but I am pretty sure I am buying myself the galaxy version so we can play Mario Party Star Rush simultaneously!

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