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We all want what’s best for our little ones (obviously), and when it comes to feeding them, sticking with what’s closest to nature is oh so important!

When we found out that my second son had feeding issues that needed formula rather than my breast milk, I researched and really had a hard time choosing which formula we would use. It seemed that, in my mind, none were as good as what I wanted to give him! I hated the guilt I felt during that time, but I did what needed to be done using what was available to us at the time.

Fast forward a year and I now have baby number three and even just one year later there are more options that are so so much better. How exciting is it that Honest Company now has an organic formula and DHA supplement that are made from the absolute best ingredients and carefully modeled after breast milk?!

The formula is full of great things sourced from trusted organic farms but are free of the bad things like pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors! It’s also gluten, wheat and peanut/tree nut free, so babies with allergies have a safe option! The Honest Company formula is also free from hexane-extracted DHA and opted to have a separate DHA supplement!

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The DHA supplement is made very simply from just fish oil, rosemary extract and tangerine oil. It comes in an easy to use dropper that can be given orally or mixed into baby’s food or bottle of formula!

Honest Co DHA

WHY is DHA important? It is critical in the first two years of life to have DHA in baby’s diet for brain and eye development. Being able to do so from such a pure source is just another reason why so many parents choose Honest products!

DHA Dropper