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Have you ever wished fairy tales didn’t have so many frightening giants or big bad wolves? Now they don’t! My1story has a series of fairy tales full of friendly characters and bright illustrations while keeping the story line of classic stories. My1story is making it’s initial debut on this month!

Targeted for children ages 0-5, these books are perfect for introducing fairy tales to your little one. You’ll love the adorable illustrations brought to life by Jamie Rodriguez, a former Walt Disney Company character artist. With stories such as Jack’s Beanstalks, with an adorable, lovable giant and Lil’Riding Hood and Wolfie, with a wolf you’d welcome in your home, young children won’t be frightened by these spins on fairy tales.

My1story is a fun and innovative adaptation of the world’s most renowned classic characters and fairy tales with a colorful and playful approach. The stories are a great alternative for preschoolers and especially parents who are looking for kid-friendly and contemporary content without the stressful events in these childhood original stories, especially at bedtime. My1story characters are endearingly fun and a mouthful of imaginary play, adventures and everlasting friendships, which are the perfect scenario for more new stories and relatable situations.

Goldie and the Teddy Bears Space Adventure

Jack’s Beanstalks is a loveable tale about Jack and his adventures up the beanstalk with a young giant named Beanie. Jack and Beanie, along with his stuffed Goosy, enjoy playing together until Jack goes home. Oh no! Jack took Goosy back down the beanstalk. Was that rain Jack felt? No—It was poor Beanie crying about his missing Goosy. Does Beanie ever get Goosy back? You’ll have to read the story to find out! Jack’s Beanstalks is a wonderful story with a heartwarming moral to it, sure to be enjoyed by all who read it.

Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie: I Love Cake!

We loved the story of Lil’ Riding Hood at my house! I was impressed with how well the authors kept the story line of Wolfie dressing up as Grandma to fool Lil’ Riding Hood. But the wolf doesn’t want to eat Grandma and Lil’ Riding Hood in this story! Everyone in this book loves to eat cake! You don’t want to pass up this story. Your kids are sure to ask to hear it again and again (as mine have!).

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