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There are so many great memories I have with my cats, Tim and Brody. Like I mentioned in my first post these two cats have the most unique personality. One moment in particular stands out the most and it is with our girl cat, Brody.

My husband and I were away for the night and our roommate at the time had some family over visiting. They were all outside visiting with one another when my husband and I came home. After a few minutes of being home we realized Brody was no where to be found. Before we panicked, we checked outside to see if anyone knew where she was at. Sure enough not only did they have her, she was laying on her own chair, participating in their family get-together. More proof that she thinks she is human. Til this day, it is something we still laugh about.

I just have to share one more memory with my boy cat, Tim.

Tim isn’t the most cuddly cat, at least with me. He is your typical boy, will come to me when he wants to be scratched and pet, but other than that he prefers to be left alone. Tim and I had never really bonded the way Brody and I did and probably for that reason. It wasn’t until I was clear into month 7 with my first pregnancy. I was sitting on the couch and Tim came up to me, laid down and put his head on my belly. I thought it was odd but of course took advantage of this affection. I assumed after that moment we would go back to him never coming around me. Well sure enough, every evening throughout the rest of my pregnancy, Tim would come lay on my belly. Maybe he somehow knew there was a baby growing inside of me and he wanted that baby to know that they would be the best of friends when he grew up? Either way, it was beautiful and by far my most memorable moment with him.

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