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Summer is coming, and that means it’s time to start planning your family vacations!
As a child, a lot of my family’s vacations were centered either around visiting extended family or visiting Civil War battlefields. My dad loves anything to do with the Civil war, and we visited many of the battlefields throughout my childhood.

When we went to visit Williamsburg, Virginia to stop and see where the Battle of Williamsburg was fought as a family, my sisters and I were thrilled to find out that we would not just be visiting another battlefield, but also Busch Gardens! I was 7 or 8 years old, and hadn’t been on a roller coaster yet, and I was determined to do it on this trip!

My young eyes were captured by the many different countries and cultures represented around the park. From England to Germany, Italy to Ireland and more there was so much to see and plenty to learn as we traveled across Europe in a single day. I distinctly remember the smells of the bratwurst in Germany, giggling about the red phone booths in England, and pretending to stomp grapes for a photo op in Italy. But the real highlight of my trip was the rides. We rode on LeScoot, the log ride that got all three of us girls soaked,

We rode on a car ride (where I throught it was SO COOL to drive my own car) that seems to no longer be there anymore,

and the icing on my amusement park cake, My mom braved taking the three of us on my first real rollercoaster ride, the Big Bad Wolf. This ride was pretty epic for the time. It hung from the tracks rather than riding on them, and the closer I got to boarding the ride, the more nervous I got. The time came, and we all strapped in, my older sister and I behind my mom and younger sister. The anxiety of the ride is coming back to me as I write this, and my mom still to this day teases me about that ride because all she heard the entire ride was me screaming “OH MY GOSH…..OH MY GOSH!!!! WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!”. Despite my fear of dying that day, I didn’t. I had a blast! I loved my first roller coaster ride, and have been on many more since. (The Big Bad Wolf is no longer at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. In it’s place is now Verbolten.)

What is your favorite summer vacation memory? Is it from childhood, or does it include your own children?

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