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This post is written in partnership with The Dream Bed. All opinions are my own.

My master bed is where the magic happens.

No, not like that…hear me out.

My family of five is very close knit. We live far away from any extended family, so we lean heavily on each other for love, support, fun, insight and relaxation and a lot of that happens in my room. There are families out there that keep the master bedroom as a retreat that the kids stay out of, but we live our lives in our room.

All of my babies were snuggled in my bed as newborns, nursed late at night, and sat with my husband and I as we had lazy mornings on the weekends. We snuggled in bed when they had nightmares as toddlers, sat up all night when they were sick and curled up together crying on some very bad days. But we also have family movies and Saturday morning cartoons in that bed, we have tickle fights and jumping contests, we make blanket forts and we laugh about funny memories.

Make magic with your family!

Yep. What happens in my bed is magical. It’s where my children are growing up before my eyes and I’m savoring every second of our times together!

My bed isn’t just for sleeping. It’s for enjoying this life I have!

When I am sleeping in my bed, it is so important to me to have the highest level of comfort. After three pregnancies that took a toll on my body and back, it was time for a mattress that would not only stand up to the crazy life we live in it but also give me plenty of comforting rest in the short amount of time I actually get it.

Dream Bed in a Box

When The Dream Bed™ showed up at my front door in a compact box I was so excited to bust it open and start enjoying it! We got the Cool Dream Bed, which has temperature cooling technology in it to keep your sleep more comfortable when you tend to sleep hot. My husband needs a cold room to sleep, so I figured this was perfect for us (there is also an original version available)! It comes folded up and tightly sealed in a box, making it so simple to get it out of the box and ready to use!Dream Bed Master Bedroom

Once it was unwrapped and we got the bed made, I sunk into my very first memory foam mattress and I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t made this switch years ago! Oh. My. Gawsh.The Dream Bed Comfort I had to make sure and use the included “selfless” stick to snap some pictures of me on my new bed, and then write down my dream on the dream catcher that came in my Dream Bed Box (both the selfless stick and the dream catcher come with each purchase!). My dream is for a full night of sleep. It will come…one day…when I don’t have two little babies who love to wake up all night!Simply Real Moms DreamItForward

My boys love it too! They can’t have jumping contests as easily since it doesn’t bounce like a spring mattress but even my two year old snuggles in when he comes in our room in the mornings and declares “New bed is SO COZY mama!”. I agree. My aching back and hips are finally getting true rest at night!

The Dream Bed is a smart buy for more than just the comfort (although that is SUPER important!)-it’s a good deed too! The folks at The Dream Bed offer something that is so unique and special and will make the purchase of your mattress a much easier decision: Their Dream It Forward campaign. Get one, give one! For every Dream Bed mattress purchased, one will be donated to someone who is in need of a good night’s sleep right here in the USA! They believe that all people, everywhere deserve access to a good night’s sleep and to dream and work with local nonprofits and organizations to make sure that the folks in our communities who are in need can get a mattress and can sleep comfortably.Dream It Forward Campaign

The Dream Bed was introduced from Mattress Firm only 2 months ago and already they’ve donated over 100 beds thanks to the purchases of folks like you and me!

If buying a mattress sight unseen and without testing it first seems scary, well…it is! Thankfully, The Dream Bed comes with a 180 night No Nightmare Guarantee. That means that if you just don’t love it within 180 days, you can receive a full refund. Not so scary, right? You get the ease of online shopping and can test the mattress out in the privacy of your own home! I promise you won’t be sending it back though. I happily waved goodbye to my old mattress!All about the Dream Bed

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™