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I am completely unorganized when it comes to my pantry. There. I said it.

I see all these cute organized pantries on Pinterest, and dream of the day I will be there …

One of my biggest issues is my food storage basket. I have containers and lids all mixed up in the same basket, and it takes me a while to find the coordinating lid for the container I want. What a hassle.

Thank goodness for Mr. Lid! These babies are made for people like me!

I never have to search for the lids anymore, because they are attached!

I was a little skeptical that these seemingly gimmicky containers would be very useful OR durable, but I was absolutely thrown a curve ball with these!

I love that they are stackable open or closed, which takes up so much less room in the pantry and the fridge! They are super strong and durable, and the lid locks on snugly (don’t you hate it when a lid just doesn’t seem to fit right?) for a tight seal. These can be used for anything from leftovers to school lunches to your child’s arts and crafts supplies!

MY favorite is the largest container. It comes with a small cup in the middle of it, ready for veggies and dip, or salad and dressing! Perfect.

These are microwave and dishwasher safe, making a busy mom’s life just a little easier. My only issue with these is that they took up a little more space in my dishwasher than other containers do, but we usually don’t have too many dishes, so we have the room.

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