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Have you ever cheated on your diet, eaten that forbidden brownie, and then one thing leads to another and you have gained five pounds? Guilty! For some reason, I’ve always been an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl. I will either eat super healthy and exercise a ton or eat like crap all day long and lay on the couch watching movies while I sulk about how terrible I feel.

I’ve also been guilty of working hard on my fitness and eating regimen all week, and then once the weekend hits, I throw caution to the wind and go on an eating frenzy. I convince myself that life is short and I need to enjoy myself at all the social parties and gatherings I attend and “just live a little”.  The problem is, I end right back up where I was the previous Monday and I never really make any major progress on my weight loss journey.

So what’s the solution? A friend of mine once told me “Weight loss is like driving: If you veer of the road, just made a U-Turn and start head back in the right direction.”

Her comment really stuck with me. I found myself thinking of my friend every time I “cheated” on my diet and was able to make my “U-turns” much quicker and easier without blowing all my hard work.

So for this week’s Motivate Me Monday, instead of giving you advice on why a certain food or exercise is good or bad for you, I have chosen to inspire you. Moms, I challenge you to make your U-turns ASAP when you cheat on your diet. Don’t allow yourself to get in the mindset of “cheating” on your diet for days, weekends or even weeks at a time. It’s okay to allow yourself that brownie or bowl of ice cream, but don’t allow those small treats to turn into downward spirals of unhealthy habits! By making quick U-turns, it will be much easier to stick with and achieve your health and fitness goals!

Download this printable for your refrigerator or desk to help keep yourself on track!

*This advice should not replace the advice of your doctor.