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I know it’s important to exercise my entire body … but I pretty much hate weight training entirely.

Why? Well for one, free weights are awkward. Second, they make me really nervous to have around the kids! I’m always worried someone is going to pick one up and drop it on their toes or accidentally clock a sibling on a poorly executed just-like-mommy lift! When it comes to working out at home, if you don’t have a dedicated gym-room the kids will absolutely get into your gear. So with that in mind, I try to keep everything super safe for wee ones.

Today, I am beyond excited to share the newest addition to my home gym (and by “home gym” I mean “corner of my bedroom”). The Ultimate Sandbag is perfect for moms for a few reasons:

  1. You can adjust the weight to your own ability and increase/decrease it as you need to. If you wanted the same effect with free weights, you’d need to buy an assortment of dumbbells.
  2. The Ultimate Sandbag is (most likely) too heavy for your kids to lift and subsequently smash their feet! Since all the weight is in ONE bag as opposed to two or more free weights, it minimizes their ability to go all Hulk and possibly hurt themselves.
  3. It has the potential to work out everything at once! I love doing my lift/squat combo, in which I pull the bag up under my chin as I squat. That way, I’m working arms, legs and my core all in one move!

For another example of how the Ultimate Sandbag can help you work out your whole body at once, check out this video:

The Ultimate Sandbag 5-Point Workout Pledge

  1. Build core strength in less time while getting a full body workout
  2. Burn more calories and fat with unstable shifting material
  3. Improve flexibility and retrain muscles—forgotten in standard routines—simultaneously
  4. Reduce pain by balancing muscle movements to take stress off the body
  5. Larger variety of challenging and fun workouts

*Important note* The Ultimate Sandbag kit does NOT come with the sand, which actually is totally fine because the package would arrive waaaaay too heavy. You can score your own bag of playground sand for about $5 at your local hardware or garden supply store.

Overall, this piece of equipment is an excellent addition to any parent’s home gym. Its adjustability is perfect for moms who are just getting back into the swing of working out after having a baby, or for buff, marathon moms who make us all jealous. It’s easy to use, fun to work out with and it actually makes you feel pretty tough when you catch a glimpse of yourself using it—throw in some “RAAAAAAWRRR” sounds and you’ll be an amazon warrior mom in no time!

You can check out the Ultimate Sandbag website for more information, loads of exercise videos and tips or pick up your own. The Power Package (which was made especially for women) even comes in PINK!

You can also like Ultimate Sandbag on Facebook or follow on Twitter for fun exercise ideas and great deals!

*I received an Ultimate Sandbag for review, but all opinions are my own.*