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weight loss

I’ve been on a weight loss journey this summer and found some great iPhone apps to help me along the way. As of today, I have lost 21 lbs through healthy eating and exercise–no gimmics, no pills–just making healthy lifestyle choices. I’ve found two apps especially helpful, My Fitness Pal and Distance Meter Free. I also used the Fitter Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker app. I’ll highlight some other apps, as well. Best of all, they are all FREE apps!

I love My Fitness Pal for keeping track of my calories and exercise. I, being kind of a dork, am a huge fan of numbers. I watch my calories like mad with this app. It’s great because it has typical out to eat foods from restaurants as well as a feature to scan the barcode of food you purchase at the store. This made me so aware of calories and the nutritional content of my food that the pounds just started melting away. I originally set the calorie counter to lose 2 lbs a week, but found that was too low of a calorie count for me, personally. When I bumped it up to 1.5 lbs a week, that was perfect. Some weeks, I lose more, some weeks less. But overall, My Fitness Pal has been the most instrumental app in helping with my weight loss.

The other app that I’ve fallen in love with this summer is Distance Meter Free. This app keeps track of the distance you walk, how long it takes you and the MPH you are walking at every moment (not the average). The last feature I mentioned is especially helpful if you notice yourself slowing down. Like I mentioned, I love numbers, so I would set goals for myself. For example, the first time I walked using this app, I walked 2 miles in 33 minutes. Every time I walked after that, I aimed for a faster time. This eventually led me to add some jogging in with my walking. I’ve never been someone who wanted to run–ever! Yet now, I find myself enjoying jogging some of the mile and having more fun running and playing with my own children outside.

My Fitness Pal

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Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. With the largest food database of any calorie counter (over 1.5 million foods), and amazingly fast food and exercise entry, we’ll help you take those extra pounds off! There is no better diet app – period.

Distance Meter Free

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The number one selling GPS distance tracker is now free for you to try! Future Apps has created a free version of Distance Meter so everyone can have a chance to see why our App is a hit among iPhone workout users! Distance Meter does not cut corners on its GPS measurement calculations, and is therefore one of the most accurate GPS tracking Apps on the store and sets us apart from the rest.

Fitter Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker

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Features: Weight Tracker, Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator, Body Fat Percentage Calculator: The Body Fat, Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator, Data Management, and Social Sharing.

Lose It!

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Succeed at weight loss with Lose It! Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. The average active Lose It! user has lost more than 12lbs and more than 85% of our active users have lost weight. Lose It! is completely free- get started losing weight with Lose It! today!


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C25K® is the easiest program to get beginners from couch potatoes to 5K distance runners in 8 weeks. This full featured program will allow users to slowly build strength and stamina by alternating between walking and running, and only 3 days a week. After just 8 weeks, you will be fitter, stronger and healthier than you have ever been.