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Looking for a super-easy craft project to do with your kids this Mother’s Day? How about one that’s also delicious? These daisy pops are a simple, homemade gift any mom would love, and they also work great as centerpieces for a Mother’s Day brunch!

What You Need

  • One package sugar cookie mix (plus ingredients called for on package)
  • One can vanilla frosting
  • Food coloring
  • One box of Sprees candy (movie size)
  • Flower cookie cutter
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Small flower pot
  •  Ziploc bag

*NOTE: Feel free to substitute your favorite sugar cookie and buttercream frosting recipe.


1. Mix cookie dough according to package instructions. Roll out on floured surface and cut out an even amount of flowers with cookie cutter.

2. Place one flower on cookie sheet, gently press lollipop stick onto cookie. Place another flower over stick and press together. Repeat with the rest of the cookies.

3. Bake cookies in batches according to package instructions.

4. Tint ¼ cup of icing yellow (or any color you wish).

5. When cookies have cooled, frost one side white. Next, cut the tip of a Ziploc bag off and fill with yellow icing (NOTE: You can use a writing tip in the bag for a more precise line).

6. Trace the petals of the flower in yellow icing. Place one Spree in the middle of each flower.

7. Fill flower pot with remaining Sprees. Cut lollipop sticks to desired lengths for a staggered effect and place cookies in pot.