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Monster Melon

Everyone loves fresh fruit salad in the summer—why not make it a little more fun by turning your fruit salad into a Monster Melon! We created this one for my son’s 3rd birthday party and not only was it a huge hit, it was really simple to make!

Gather what you need:

  • Oval shaped watermelon
  • Variety of fruit; we used blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and the inside of the watermelon (obviously)
  • Black marker, frosting or gel frosting
  • A melon baller
  • A large, sharp knife
  • One bowl and one serving plate (for displaying the Monster Melon)

Step 1:

Cut a variety of shapes and sizes of triangles for the top teeth.

Step 2:

Starting at the edge of the teeth, from each side, cut 1 inch horizontal lines. This will be the start of cutting down into a half circle, stopping with enough room for 3 or 4 large teeth at the bottom.

Step 3: 

Cut 3 or 4 triangle teeth at the bottom. It is important to have these teeth at the bottom so some of the fruit stays in the Monster Melon without rolling onto the plate.

Step 4:

Use a melon baller to scoop the water melon and cantaloup. Cut the strawberries. Mix all the fruit you have together in a bowl to make your Monster Melon Fruit Salad.

Step 5:

Set your Monster Melon empty, upright, on a bowl. This will keep it from rolling or falling over while on display. To create the eyes and eyebrows, we used gel frosting. This can be found at either a grocery store with the baking goods, or a craft store.

Step 6:

Place a plate in front of the Monster Melon. Fill the monster’s mouth and the plate with fruit salad. You can use tooth picks or a spoon for serving at your party!