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Up until recently my 4 year old would constantly sneak in our bed in the middle of the night. When I asked my daughter why she would not sleep in her own bed, she told me it was because she was scared and did not like to be alone. I’m pretty sure I went through a similar phase when I was younger as most children do. Every night we have the same routine of getting in bed, reading a story and picking out a doll to sleep with. Within a few hours she would be back in our bed that is when we came across the Monster Buddy!

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The Monster Buddy has helped us out so much. What is a Monster Buddy? A Monster Buddy is a cozy body pillow for kids. They come in all different colors and are made out of Memory foam to promote better sleeping posture. The Monster Buddy comes with a matching monster cuddle blanket and has a Super soft minky cover with a hidden zipper closure for easy washing. Not only does the Monster Buddy help with sleeping posture for children, it also helps maintain body heat to keep children warmer at night.

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When we opened up our Monster Buddy, Olivia was so excited! She would not put it down. It went everywhere she went weather it was on the couch with her, the dinner table or in her bed at night. The first night we tried out the Monster Buddy I told her it would keep her company at night and safe from any fear of “monsters” or “scary” things in the dark. Well, it worked! She has been sleeping in her bed now for 2 weeks with her Monster Buddy and matching monster Blanket. I think having something she could hold onto similar to her size was very comforting to her. The Monster Buddy is a must if you have any children that have problems staying in their bed at night. We have tried everything from music, to night lights and this has really made a huge difference. I am so Thankful to the designers, Two HIPPOS for coming up with such an cool product!

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Monster Buddy’s come in all different colors and each one comes with a matching blanket and a cool carrying bag. Take advantage of a 10% discount using coupon code RSM10 over at Two Hippos Store!


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