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This is Amber, she’s not like your regular mom, she’s a cool mom. Amber is also the mama behind “Mama Sew Happy“, on of our favorite Instagram shops that sells the most stylish children accessories! She also is a Mama of the sweetest almost 2 year old son Logan and wife to her soul mate Angel. She has a background in Interior Design and received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at ASU; graduating mangne cum laude in 2011. This is her Story!



How did you get started with Mama Sew Happy?
My son had just started cutting teeth around 6 months old, I started to really dive into children’s fashion and wanted to keep him stylish while keeping the drool off his clothes. The “traditional” bib just didn’t do the style or have the function I was looking for. That is how my bibdanas and Mama Sew Happy were created.
How long have you been in business?
It has been a little over a year. I officially opened for business in January 2014
What was your “a-ha” moment that inspired you to start your business?
When I realized I finally was able to create a product that was not only stylish but a functional necessity for my teething son. I have always loved to sew and once I knew how great the bibdanas worked for us, I wanted to be able share that
 What keeps you inspired daily?
My number one inspiration daily is my son and then when I see all my hard work being used and worn by all the little babes that I see on Instagram and other social media it warms my heart and keeps me going.
What marketing strategies do you find to be the most effective?
I have found Instagram to be the most beneficial marketing for me so far. It reaches  a mass number of people and truly allows for connection. I have made so many amazing friends and met some amazing other Mamas who have their hand made shops as well. It has helped me grow this business in so many ways.
What was your best business decision?
My best business decision is to take risks! Each and every time I add a new   product  to my website, it is the scariest feeling. Then, in return, each and every  time I do,  I am so happy I did and embrace the new joys and challenges of creating something new.
How do you balance being a mom and an entrepreneur?
I am still learning exactly how to find the best balance. I work only during nap time and after my husband and son go to bed for the night. I find I have a lot of late nights working and am often extremely tired, but I absolutely love being able to stay home and raise my son while contributing to our family.
What do you love most about what you do?
I love the abilty to use creative energy in a very rewarding field. Creating handmade items for babies is amazing. I love the fact that so many Moms trust in my products to use them for their children, I also find it very rewarding with social media to be able to see children in my clothing. Its amazing!
Describe your ideal workday.
Ideal vs. practical are two totally different things. haha Being a work at home mom allows me so much flexibility to work when it is possible while not taking time away from my son.
What have been some of your major successes?
This business as a whole has shown me success is completely possible. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would think I would be where I am now…I would have had no clue! I think so far; success is what you make of it! any thing is possible, you really have to have passion and love what you do.
What have been some of your major challenges?
I think the most challenging aspect of running a business is really the release of a new product. I have so many visions in my head and want to do and accomplish so much! It is challenging for me to take all those visions and incorporate them into my business in a realistic way. I tend to want to do it all! sometimes I have to sit back and realize I can only do so much and not EVERYTHING
 How do you balance motherhood and family life and your business?
I always make sure to set time aside specifically for family fun days. It is not always easy. I have learned this the hard way and I have realized how important it is to have a balance. My husband and I make sure to have our alone date nights as well as our days we all do fun things together as a whole family.
Do you have any must-have products as a mother?
As a mom there are so many items out there. I am a huge supporter of shopping small. I have never been a huge fan of carrying a huge diaper bag. Even more so the older my son gets. The one necessity I will not leave the house with is my diaper clutch that is made by a small shop called “Little Bunches” It is amazing, compact, stylish and keeps all my necessities in one small bag that fits in my purse. The owner, Crystal is such a sweet heart and very accommodating.
Do you have help running your business, photographer, book keeper, designer?
My husband is my number one help! He not only works a full time job, but comes home and often is helping me with ALL aspects of my business. He is my number 1 cutter, snapper and even recently has learned to use the sewing machine! You can say he is my number 1 employee and the most supportive husband I could ever ask for with starting this business.
What is your favorite family activity, vacation or past time?
We love to camp and travel. Camping is such a great way to reconnect with nature when the hustle and bustle of daily life seems to over run it all. We also love being at the beach! There is something about the water that is so relaxing. As long as my family is full of smiles, I am happy.
If there was one piece of advice you could give to your children about running a successful business, what would it be?
Take a risk and go for it. If it makes you happy, and you have passion; you will always love what you do.
What is next for your business?
To be quite honest, I am not sure. I have enjoyed this last year seeing my business far exceed my expectations. I would love to just watch it continue to grow.
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Amber’s story is such an inspiration to entrepreneurs and especially moms that think for second they cannot fulfill their dreams after becoming a parent. She is the sweetest little lady and we are so very happy to share her story. You can view Amber’s shop, “Mama Sew Happy” online and other social medial channels for the sweetest little photos.