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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Comcast and #WeAllGrow Latina Network

Last week I wrote about an incredible event that Comcast invited me to. It was an event where we celebrated soccer, mom life, friends and how X1 is changing the game when it comes to watching the soccer championship.

Being a Latina, soccer (futbol) has been a huge part of who I was growing up. In fact, it is for a lot of Hispanics. Did you know that over 32 million Hispanics tuned into the 2014 soccer games and watched an average of 937 minutes? That’s 80% of Hispanic households! Amazing, right? I can only hope my passion carries down to my children and they grow a love of the sport like I have.


During the Moms Own Soccer with Comcast event, we learned all about how Xfinity is continuing their efforts to be the #1 network to watch the soccer championship and how they are making it an even better experience for people with different languages.

With the X1 voice remote, soccer fans can talk directly in Spanish or English to see how their favorite teams are doing against their competition, preview upcoming games, get a summery or tune to games directly with their voice.

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At the event we got a lot of sneak peeks into the layout of what Xfinity X1 customers get to see while watching the soccer championship. Not only is the layout super clean, it’s extremely easy to navigate through, making your watching experience that much better.

Soccer championship

So what’s it like to be at a Moms Own Soccer with Comcast event? See for yourself:

I left the event with so many take-a-ways and honestly, being so proud to be a Latina.

So how is X1 changing the game?

Sports Notifications – a new feature, which just debuted specifically for the soccer championship, sends alerts to X1 customers about their favorite teams. Whether you get them through the TV screen or on your mobile app, customers always know when their team is about to kick off and from there, can easily watch.

Sports Voice Control – A feature that allows soccer fans to use the X1 Voice Remote to preview upcoming games, see how their team is doing against the competition, get a summer, or tune to games directly with their voice. The Sports Voice Control can easily be used in both English and Spanish.

Instant On Demand – You can easily watch the game without missing anything regardless if the match is still on.

DVR Highlights – This is definitely an impressive feature. As busy parents we don’t always have time to watch a complete game and with DVR highlights we can now sit down together and watch the best moments with a click of a button.

Are you watching the championship? Who are you rooting for?

 To learn more about X1, please visit Xfinity: HERE

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