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Your summer tan is fading fast, your pedicure is chipping and your sundresses have been packed away until next year. Now what? Months of Lululemon pants and ponytails as you haul toddlers around all day?

With the holiday season right around the corner, I’m challenging you to take five steps to giving yourself a prettier, more polished look. You will feel better about yourself (even if you’re spending the entire day running errands or cleaning the house) and your mood will be better on gloomy, cold days.

If you don’t think you can manage all five of these, try two or three—I promise, it will make a difference in how you feel every day!

  1. Nuts for nails: Now that your toes are covered up in boots every day, it’s time to focus on your fingers. Pick a nice, rich shade of wine or even dark purple (see what looks best against your skin) and give yourself a manicure! Add a shiny topcoat for a professional look. If you really want to splurge, head to the salon for a Shellac manicure that will last for two weeks with NO chipping!
  2. Hair maintenance: Time to take care of those split ends and grown-out highlights from the summer. Instead of your standard trim, be a little more adventurous and take off a few inches. Add some lowlights or warm color—even just a clear gloss will perk up your shade. Your hair will look much healthier and youthful!
  3. Wardrobe matters: Believe it or not, you can still be stylish and comfortable! Fine a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans you love (try on lots to find a flattering pair), pull on a pair of riding boots and your favorite top or sweater. Add a long necklace and you will look instantly pulled together. And don’t worry, they do make skinny jeans in stretchy fabrics!
  4. Make-up musts: Now that you’re a little paler, it’s important to brush a bit of bronzer on your cheeks every day to give yourself some color. Add a touch of warm, brown eyeshadow or liner and a deep mauve or wine lipstick and you’ll look like you spent hours instead of minutes pulling yourself together.
  5. Skin care: All the make-up in the world isn’t going to help if you don’t take care of your skin. Exfoliate regularly, wear moisturizer every day (and night!), and apply a mask once a week. Fresh, healthy skin is your best asset!