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I had a rough winter. Life changing events unfolded and I kept telling everyone (and myself) with confidence that I was doing great. I was fine. I’ll be ok.

I thought I was. But as the warmer weather creeped up on me, I put on shorts that were getting tight and shirts that weren’t fitting the same anymore. Thinking back over the last 6 months, I realize that I have been eating my feelings. I was giving in to every single craving and treat I wanted and it caught up to me. Over 6 months I had gotten into extremely bad eating habits like snacking on unhealthy food, eating right before bed and skipping meals, and once it all became clear to me what I was doing, I made the commitment to turn it all around. Because not only was I gaining weight, I was less active, tired all the time, and in a bad mood. I was not myself.

heathy bars

I committed to being healthier. Not skinnier (although I really hope that happens too!), just healthy, happy and more energized.

I started making healthier meal choices. No more fast food. No more midnight snacks. More meaningful snacks throughout the day to keep my energy up. Eating all of my meals…no skipping! Drinking more water and overall taking in less sugar.

I needed help with the snacking though. I had gotten my body into a habit of snacking non stop and I needed to break that with snacks that fill me up and nourish my body.

So let me tell you about the bars that are changing the way I snack: Health Warrior Chia Bars.

Health Warrior chia bars

I need to start by saying that I’m typically not a fan at all of healthy packaged snacks. I usually prefer raw veggies, nuts and cheese, but the Health Warrior Chia Bars were calling my name with their coconut, peanut butter chocolate and dark chocolate flavors, and I wanted to try something that could easily be thrown into my purse if I needed to run out the door.

My weakness is anything peanut butter and chocolate so I couldn’t wait to try that bar. The flavor is mild but the perfect way to curb my craving for the real thing. Dark chocolate was delightful as well, but let me just say WOW, I am ready to invest in truckloads of the coconut! They are an absolute treat and has helped me to not miss unhealthy snacks at all.

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These Health Warrior bars are great option for those looking for a healthier snack. They only contain 4-5g of sugar per bar and are packed with protein, fiber and omega-3. One of my favorite parts of these bars is that they are made with chia seeds, making it a great way to keep me feeling full longer so I don’t make the mistake of reaching for unnecessary snacks! If you are unaware of the benefits of Chia seeds, they are a superfood and give you strength and energy. They also absorb liquid and swell up to fill you up faster and longer!

The Health Warrior chia bars may be less than an ounce each, but I eat one for my morning snack and feel full well into lunch time. Best of all, I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing taste for my healthy snack! I’m well on my way to healthier eating and a healthier me!

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