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I can not begin to describe what a lifesaver our Kidz Box from Modern-Twist has been. These are seriously the most amazing things ever. Have you ever been out to eat and are wondering how you are going to entertain your kids before the food gets there? Or maybe you need to entertain them AFTER they have eaten, either way Modern-Twist has you covered.

“What you eat on is just as important as what you eat.”

Kidz Box is a genius little box that has a kidz placemat and 6 non- toxic dry erase markers in them. But these aren’t just a typical placemats, these placemats are designed to inspire your children and bring out their inner artist. Each placemat is built like a dry erase board with a unique art design. Once your child in done drawing, you simply wipe clean and use it again and again. They are also made from silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone. Meaning the mats won’t crease or rip. Trust me, We have had ours for a year already and it has been everywhere with us and still looks and feels brand new. On top of that, each mat has a fun design for your child to color on.

The mats are ideal for travel and mealtime activities. The kid’s placemats feature creative, playful designs that will amuse and inspire little tikes. For parents who live a design-inspired lifestyle, the simple, clean design provides optimal functionality with a minimalist aesthetic. Nurturing the inner artist in every child, the mats are doodle-friendly with the use of washable or dry erase markers—save paper/save trees, just clean off with a damp cloth or rinse. Color again and again. 

Modern Twist is passionate about the planet and what your children are eating on. Each placemat is:

  • Free of BPA, lead, latex,  phthalates + other harsh chemicals
  • Made of silky food-grade silicone
  • Non-Porous + germ-free
  • Reusable:  recreate + reuse + save a tree

The Kidz Box serves more than mealtime entertainment for us. This has been great to take on vacations, plane rides, car rides, visits to families houses, or just when my son wants to color at home.

Modern Twist recently sent us the “Farm to Table” Kidz Box. Not only was this a really great mat for my son to color on, but it also served as an educational experience as it showed him the stages from tilling the soil all the way to composting your food. My son was so excited to color each stage and learn about the process on the way. It allowed us to share the process with him in ways he could understand. I can’t recommend this enough to parents.

Modern Twist offers both the Kidz Box and Kidz Placemats. You can check them out by visiting their website at:

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