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Wishbone REWith active toddlers in the house, we love to go for walks and ride bikes nightly in the warmer weather, and the kids love to play with their bikes in the backyard all. day. long. I have a serious love for toddler bikes-they seem to be so much more fun and the design selection is so diverse. There is such a huge variety out there to choose from that you’re sure to find the bike that fits your toddler’s personality and skill level. Here are a few of our most favorite trendy toddler bikes (in no particular order) available right now:

Masterkidz Scooter

Masterkidz Vespa Scooter Balance BikeThis balance bike is designed to look like a Vespa type scooter and I love it so much. It comes in a variety of different trendy colors and is eco friendy, made of solid sustainable wood. It gets attention each time we take it for a walk and I love the way it looks with the Union Jack Helmet from Melon-so adorable! Masterkidz Red Scooter


Plasma Car GreenThe PlasmaCar is a favorite amongst kids of all ages (including the adults!) It is self propelled by rotating the steering wheel back and forth and my son says it makes him feel like he’s driving a real car. It is available to purchase in several colors and is very strudy-ready to outlast your  entire family. The fun design and modern lines give this “bike” a funky trendy look that everyone loves!Green Plasma Car

Wishbone Recycled Edition 3 in 1

Wishbone RE Black & White TrikeThis bike/trike is a great ride on that will grow with your child. It starts as  low riding tricycle (no pedals), transitions into a low riding two wheel balance bike and finally into a higher riding two wheel balance bike. It’s also available in just the two wheel option. I love that is’s made of recycled materials and the black and white make this bike super trendy and cool. Our teenaged neighbors said they want one in their size-the ultimate test in cool, right?!Wishbone RE Two Wheel Wishbone RE Three Wheel

Wheely Bug

WheelyBug CowIs this not the cutest ride on?! The adorable animal designs that Wheely Bug offers are modern and cool, despite being around for years without changing! The wheels swivel to turn the bug anyway your child wants to ride and the handle on front can be used to push it as a walking aid when your little one is learning. Our favorite is the cow…how fun are those little horns?!

Cow Wheely Bug

First Bike Street

Firstbike GreenWhile this may look like your average balance bike, it’s definitely not. The frame is made from a lightweight and durable material, helping it to outlast any metal or wood framed bike because it wont rust or splinter. The First Bike family has several body/wheel types and are all available in several fun colors. We love the handbrake so much-I see balance bikes as a great learning aid for kids to transition to a youth bike with no training wheels, and I love that the handbrake helps further that so that your child fully knows how to use a youth bike when they’re big enough.

Chillafish Bunzi

Chillafish Bunzi Limited EditionThis is a great starter bike for your littlest toddlers. My one year old loves it, but our two year old still fits on it and loves to take it all around. The bike’s body separates and swivels around the handlebars & front wheel to transition it from a three wheeled bike to a two wheeler (the back wheels end up right up against each other)! We love the bright fun colors of this limited edition design, but the bunzi is available in a number of limited editon designs and bright colors. Chillafish bunzi

Ybike Evolve

Blue YBike Evolve

The Evolve has a funky industrial feel that is so trendy right now. The wheels look like gears and the body like a series of pipes. SO COOL. What’s more to love? This bike can be a tricycle (with pedals), a balance bike with two wheels in back or a balance bike with one wheel in back. Another bike that grows with your little one, giving you the most bang for your buck. It’s available in blue (pictured) or red. This is hands down my 2 year old’s favorite bike and I love how cool it looks!YBike Evolve BlueThese are some of our favorites right now-they look cool, are mulitfunctional, customize-able, long lasting and best of all-trendy! Your kids can be the coolest on the block with any of these fun bikes.Trendy Toddler Bikes

Helmets provided by Melon-check them out! They have the most amazing lightweight design, fitting infant and up and each size is adjustable through included pads you can add/remove. We love their magnetic buckle! The kids can buckle and unbuckle themselves, and they don’t get pinched.

Melon Polka Dot Toddler Helmet

Melon Helmet Toddler

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