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This post contains affiliate links

When my youngest was asked what theme he wanted his third birthday to be, his only answer was “GREEN!”.
To say he is green obsessed is putting it lightly. Combine that with his love of dinosaurs and we had a green dinosaur theme nailed down: Three-Historic Green Party!

Once we found several green plastic dinosaurs at the dollar store we were on our way.IMG_5199

We decorated the table with green palm and banana leaves along with a gold black and white balloon centerpiece. The dinosaurs then took over and it was a jungle for sure!IMG_5206

Clear plates and gold plastic ware along with white and gold milk cartons we found at the craft store made the place settings perfectly modern centered on the green banana leaf placemat.IMG_5194

We served snacks in these green fruit cartons around the tableIMG_5222
I even made our birthday boy a shirt to match his Old Navy dinosaur pants using THIS tutorialIMG_5264

And last but not least, the cake. I had grand vision of a volcano cake that would include dry ice steam coming out of the middle. It was going to be amazing.
But that didn’t happen.
I baked the cakes to stack and shape into a volcano. But the shaping didn’t happen as I had planned and I completely ruined the cake the night before his party.
I put all of the cake into ziplock bags (I mean, it was delicious. Not trying to waste chocolate), ran a bath, poured a glass of wine and planned to run out to the store in the morning for whatever was ready in the bakery.IMG_5213
I slapped a toy dinosaur on top along with a few candles and I’m not even kidding-my new three year old walked into the room and gasped. “MOM. That is the best cake I ever sawed!”
Mission: Accomplished.IMG_5233

We had a wonderful day with family eating Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets and Tri-Tip, celebrating our favorite 3 year old!

Balloons: HERE
Leaves: HERE
Dinoaurs: Dollar Store
Cake: Walmart
Candles: HERE & HERE
Clear Plates: HERE
Gold Plastic Ware: HERE
Milk Cartons: Michaels
Fruit Cartons: HERE