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During pregnancy, there are many things change on our bodies that we would rather not change! For me, I don’t mind so much my growing belly, but unfortunately I do mind that my poor belly button sticks out like a turkey pop-up timer. Yes, I am one of those unfortunate mamas who has a belly button that sticks out for the rest of the world to see. Thankfully, it will go back to normal, but during pregnancy it is so embarrassing, and I am constantly trying to hide it.



I have tried everything, I have double layered clothing and tried Band-Aids but nothing works. My belly button would show right through my clothes still and the band aids would just fall off after an hour of wear.

Then one day I came across the Miss Oops line of belly button covers. I knew immediately I had to try them. I had a couple of special occasions coming up and I was worried about my belly button showing through my clothes. These belly button covers were my last hope, so I prayed to the pregnancy gods that they would work!

When I got them in the mail, I eagerly tore through the package to give them a try. Finally, I found something that worked! I was so excited! Not only did these conceal my poor belly button, but they stayed on all day with no unraveling, unsticking or shifting. I wish I would have know about these during my first pregnancy; I would have bought tons of them!

I can’t believe I’m going to show you all my big pregnant belly, but you have to see how well these work.  I am cringing at the thought of the world seeing my belly button, but here is a picture of it with it sticking out (please excuse the quality of the picture, my husband is a bit photographically challenged).

And here is a picture with the Miss Oops Belly Button Cover on! See, no poked-out belly button! This product has made such a difference to me—I no longer have to put my arms over my belly button to try to hide it. Thank you Miss Oops for fixing this embarrassing situation!

Expecting moms, if you too have belly button issues like me, you have to give this product a try.

In addition, I know some expecting moms suffer from pre-term milk leakage and Miss Oops carries Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers, which are disposable nipple covers with a leak-proof center to conceal any pre-term leakage. Thankfully I don’t have that issue, but I imagine they would also be great for nursing moms too.

Miss Oops carries a wide variety of products; they have developed affordable, must-have beauty products and accessories to alleviate your everyday fashion blunders. They have been featured on The View, Rachael Ray, Today and Extra. To check out the whole Miss Oops line, you can find them at or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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