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Not long ago, I asked our Facebook community to help me choose my family’s holiday cards. There were several choices I loved but just couldn’t decide on which I loved most so I turned to you all to give me an outsider’s perspective.

You all sure came through because just LOOK at the beauty of these cards!minted-gold-foil-family-christmas-card

Each year, my family not only has a traditional family photo done, but we also do a themed shoot for our boys. This year, our boys did a “Lost Boys” theme and I just loved it so much I wanted to feature the photos on our card. I was ecstatic to work with Minted on my holiday cards this year because they offer so many options for both the front and back of your card and I knew we would be able to share all the photos we love without overwhelming the look!

Minted is an online store that connects you with the best independent artists to bring you endlessly fresh, truly unique art, stationery, and home decor. Each item you buy is personally designed by an independent artist, so your card will be unique and stunning.

Minted offers so many many options for cards that cater to every holiday and holiday themes that it can be intimidating to choose something that might look good. Thankfully, they also offer an option to upload your photos to see them in every card as you scroll through their impressive selection.
minted-makes-choosing-your-card-simpleI fell in love with so many looks but the one everyone loved across the board is the Rose Frame Foil Pressed photo card designed by Emily Hein. I have to admit it was one of my top favorites from the start so I was super excited so many people thought it was the best choice.

When it came in the mail? OH. MY.
These cards are so incredibly beautiful in person. We chose to have them printed on Minted’s double thick paper because I’m a sucker for details like that. It’s a very sturdy board-like card that will wow the recipients for sure!

The gold pressed foil is shiny and gives our card a little something extra. From straight on, the gold is understated and even looks rustic with our woodsy photo, but in the right light angle, it shines bright and happy.


For the back, we chose to use Minted’s 6 Photo Review. It is meant to be used as almost a timeline of your year, and each of the photos can include a caption on it to explain each memory from the year. We chose instead to share a photo of each boy captioned with their birthday and how old they turned this year and filled in with some photos of them in their Lost Boys garb. I changed the header to match our family’s chaotic ways and voila:

Something that impressed me when I was customizing our card was the FREE envelope addressing Minted offers! WHAT? I simply added each and every one of our contacts (+ Santa!) and Minted did all the work, including our return address. There are so many designs to choose from for the addresses as well, including designs that coordinate with your cards. minted-free-custom-address

Another custom feature we went with to save me a trip to the store was stamps. These stamps are simple yet give a very rustic feel to the Kraft paper envelopes, perfectly matching our photo’s location! You can customize with photos and personalize several different design options. img_0654Since we were already going with a gold feature on the cards and I LOVE gold, I couldn’t resist the gorgeous gold glitter envelope liners!minted-gold-glitter-envelope-linerGold Glitter Foil Envelope Inserts From Minted

The whole package all came together to create the exact feel we had in our photos: a rustic location with a dressed up look. I can’t wait to send these out to the friends and family we love so much to update them on our growing boys.minted-holiday-cards

You can order your own custom holiday cards from Minted HERE

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