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As a breastfeeding mom, I dealt with a few issues along the way as we all do. One of my problems was one that some moms have and others dislike me calling a problem …

I had a serious oversupply problem! I was constantly a mess, switching out nursing pads often and pumping in between feedings.

No matter how much I pumped, I still had a big-time let down on my non-feeding side when I would start to nurse, and I would fill up an entire nursing pad sometimes!

In walked Milkies.

Milkies Milk Savers are amazing pouches that slip into your nursing bra over the nipple of your non-feeding breast and catch the excess milk as it comes out. Forget letting it go to waste! I would catch it and freeze it for later.

They are comfortable, easy to use (no brainers!) and made me feel better than throwing away that precious liquid gold. They can be worn under your nursing bra during the day as well to catch every last drop!

If you are dealing with oversupply or even just crazy let down you have to check them out! A great item to have as a nursing mama.

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